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Saxophone Mouthpieces

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Choosing an ideal saxophone mouthpiece can affect how your saxophone is played, so we recommend taking a look at what we offer here at Normans Musical Instruments. It’s important to know that it isn’t simply just the brands that make a good mouthpiece, but what makes a saxophone mouthpiece good or bad.

The Yamaha MPTS 6C tenor sax mouthpiece is a fantastic example of a mouthpiece that is perfect for advanced players. Its large tip openings add more volume and flexibility, but they can be difficult to control and play in time, which makes them the ideal choice for intermediate to advanced players. If you are an advanced player and are looking for a saxophone mouthpiece we recommend the Yamaha MPTS 6C.

We stock a good variety of mouthpieces from student models to top branded versions from Yamaha and Selmer. Here you'll find a variety of mouthpieces for Alto, Soprano and Tenor saxophones.

Saxophone Mouthpieces