Brass essentials you should never leave home without…

Valve Oil 

Valve oilThere’s nothing more annoying than a sticky valve. Thankfully, the vast majority are easily rectified with an application of some valve oil. There are several brands to choose from – Blue Juice, Al Cass  and Rocket are all popular. The Rocket valve oil offers the best value for money.



Cleaning Cloth

3955Great for getting all those fingerprints off when you’ve got a page worth of rests! There are both Silver and Lacquer versions available.




Cleaning Brushes 

cleaning brushEssential for getting to the places you can never reach. In particular for trombone and trumpet/cornet.





Tuning Slide Grease 

tuningBecause there is nothing worse than being stuck in the wrong key.  Tuning slide grease keeps tuning slides moving freely and smoothly for longer.





Trombones Only – Slide Cream

slideApologies to the rest of you, but only a trombone player appreciates a well oiled slide. Apply slide cream in moderation to the inner legs of the trombone slide for a silky smooth glide.





Valve Jacket

jacketParticularly important for lacquered instruments. A valve jacket helps stop the finish of your instrument reacting with sweat. It naturally preserves the finish for much longer.





Springs, Washers and Valve Guides

washerJust in case… 



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