We often hear the question ‘Which headphones do I need?’ There is a great deal of choice out there, which can often get confusing. This small article will hopefully give you an insight into whether you should be looking at Open or Closed back headphones. This will eliminate half of the choices out there, and is a good place to start!

Open Back
Open back headphones allow sound and air to pass in and out of the ear cup. This allows for a more natural sound with wider stereo imaging. However this does not provide sound isolation. These are less common, and choices can be limited.

Good choice for: Audio engineers for mixing and editing audios.

Closed Back
Closed back are the most common type of headphones. They do not allow air or sound to pass in or out of the ear cup. This allows for sound isolation. The sounds in your surroundings don’t get in, and the sound playing through your headphones, don’t get out. This provides a more private listening experience.

Good Choice for: Musicians or Podcasters when recording or DJs when performing. They prevent the sound from leaking out and getting picked up by the microphone.

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