If you’re reading this, great news! It means you’ve played so much guitar you’re now unhappy with the instrument you have and you’re looking to upgrade.

So where to start?

Beginner instruments are relatively easy to choose as every manufacturer essentially makes the same model for around £100. Great to start on, but you won’t catch many people trying to gig with them. So can you base your next instrument based on price too? Well yes, to a certain extent. But there are a few models which do offer a high quality but not necessarily a high price tag!

Yamaha Pacifica 112

Pacifica 112

The Pacifica 112 has been one of Yamaha’s flagship guitars for years and has been a consistent bestseller worldwide. Thanks to a winning combination of quality materials and pickups with a relatively low price (considering what you get for it!) the Pacificas are one of the most popular brands around.
Available in a range of different colours to suit the individual these come highly recommended!
You can also look at the alternative spec Pacifica 120 – this offers two humbucker pickups rather than the 3 single coils on the 112 for a different tonal approach.



Squier by Fender Classic Vibes series


Like the Pacifica above, Fender have managed to create some real quality guitars at the top end of the Squier brand series. While the lower models are sometimes looked down upon, their upper models (inparticular the classic vibes series) offer great value for money, if you’re not desperate to have a brand name on the headstock. These go through Stratocasters and Telecasters in a variety of ‘decades’ – the 50s, 60s and 70s are all catered for with their individual tonal nuances.





Rocket A350

a350If blues and Jazz is more your scene, the Rocket A350 is a great hollow bodied electric. Ideal for embracing your inner BB King, it holds a very nice tone and like the Rocket brand overall it offers fantastic value for money – like the Squiers, a great choice if a brand name doesn’t matter too much.






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