In the run up to Christmas people are always looking for bargain buys and when it comes to purchasing a guitar things are no different. I have been spending time running the rule over our cheaper guitar range to see which ones I feel would be the best value buys.

Electric Guitars

Rocket SES50 Range
These guitars not only look great with the vintage styling but they sound awesome. They have a very good standard set up meaning you can take out of the box and start rocking with straight away. At the price of £75 I just cannot fault anything about it; it is ideal if you are looking to start out yourself or buy as a gift for a child and is also great if you are looking at doing a custom job yourself.

4439Rocket Zebra Series
If you are looking to spend a little bit more then I would definitely recommend the Zebra series by Rocket. These are great looking guitars with a killer sound coming from the White Zebra pickups. This great eye catching guitar would be a companion for life.

With the above guitars you will need an amp and after testing them I found that the high quality 10GA UK would the best practice amp to accompany you.

Acoustic Guitars

The Rocket Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Pack is the best value for money buy and has all you need. In this package you get a bag, strap, extra string set, pitch pipe (for tuning) and a CD Rom featuring 20 lessons to get you up and running.  This package for under £100 is a no brainer for any beginner looking for an acoustic guitar.

If you were looking at an acoustic guitar on its own the SW203 is the one for you. Crafted from basswood the warm tones of this guitar will keep you wanting more and more and for the price of £54 you cannot go wrong.

Classical Guitars

Classical guitars are extremely popular among young beginners due to the nylon strings and available sizes. There are two that I would recommend the first being the Rocket C542.

This is a very quality beginner classical that is an ideal starting point for young and adult players alike and also comes in a variety of colours and funky designs. My second recommendation is the Valencia range. Again these guitars are very similar to the Rocket guitars in terms of sound quality and build but they come with a bags as standard whereas the Rocket doesn’t. Both of these guitars are available for under £50 and they also come in ¾, ½ and ¼ sizes as well.

All the guitars mentioned above are the ones that really stood out to me but I felt that all the “lower end” ranges had something to offer and it was a very nice surprise to find this out as the common perception is ‘you get what you pay for’, but in this instance you get a hell of a lot more than what you pay for.

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