Normans recommend a yearly service to all instruments to keep them in good working order. Think of it like a car service, if carried out once a year it can extend the overall life of a car and in turn minimise the risk of the car breaking down.

The same applies to an instrument if you have a yearly service then this will prolong the instruments working life and prevent costly repairs, or worse the instrument not working to when you need it the most. But what is a service exactly?

Firstly we completely strip down the instrument, this makes it easy for us to thoroughly clean, during this process we replace any worn springs and oil the bore of the instrument the later only applies on wooden instruments. While reassembling the instrument, all pads will be reseated or replaced as required. Keywork is lubricated and regulated. All pad seating and regulation is checked and adjustments made if necessary.

For more information and pricing please contact the repair department.

About the author

Jack is the Sales & Marketing Manager at Normans Musical Instruments and has been in this post since September 2012 after Graduating from University with a degree in Music. Jack's expertise is in guitars, technology and live sound although he does have a very well rounded knowledge of all aspects of Music.