We are asked regularly by Music Hubs to sponsor a variety of concerts and events but unfortunately we are unable to say yes to every request. This makes deciding which ones to support a difficult decision, as ideally we would like to provide some kind of sponsorship to all hubs. It is for this reason that we have launched the Normans Sponsorship Rebate Programme, a new initiative aimed at spreading our sponsorship support as fairly as possible whilst developing long term partnerships with Music Hubs.

So how does the programme work?

red-and-grey-garethNormans agree to pay a sponsorship rebate based on the total value of orders received, this will be calculated using a pre-agreed percentage and paid on a termly basis. At the end of each term we will send you a detailed breakdown of the orders received and the rebate value due. All you need to do is raise an invoice for the rebate amount, send it to us and we will make payment via BACS transfer, it’s as easy as that. In return, all we ask is that hubs use the Sponsorship Rebate for the purpose it is intended and liaise with their Normans Account Manager to discuss how it will be utilised. Clearly this will depend on the value of rebate received but as a minimum we would request some kind of presence and link on your hub website. If the value is more considerable we would hope that Normans be represented as the key sponsor for say a particular concert or maybe even a pupil award? There are no set criteria for how you allocate/spend the money as long as it is used to support the work of the music hub in the way that a traditional sponsorship payment would be. You will of course continue to receive the very best prices and service from Normans and hopefully the programme will further strengthen our partnership with your hub.

How do I join the Programme?

join-nowIf you would like your hub to join the Normans Sponsorship Rebate Programme please download and fill in this form and return it to sales@normans.co.uk . Your Account Manager will then be in touch to answer any questions you may have and to get your hub set-up on the programme.

About the author

Andy is a Director of Normans Musical Instruments and has worked within the business for over 20 years. During this time he has been involved in all areas from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Web Development so has experienced both Normans and the wider Musical Instrument industry from many aspects. Originally a Brass player, Andy has developed a good working knowledge of a wide range of instruments and is always keen to augment his understanding when an opportunity arises.