So you have started recording things at home and are looking for better headphones to get clarity and accuracy when recording and mixing your tracks but you aren’t sure what to choose.

Whenever purchasing anything, budget will come into it and it’s important to get the best quality for the money you want to spend. With this in mind I have a list of a few different headphones, at different prices that I would recommend, depending on the quality and sound you are looking for.

Just give you a breakdown of the differences between “normal” headphones and studio headphones are that the normal headphones would feature noise cancellation to enhance the sound quality and would give a consumer enjoyable colouration of the sound. Studio headphones will be flat in sound and give you exactly what is being heard with no enhancement. This gives the user the power to make the music better that is being recorded recording / produced giving you a healthier, truer sound.



KRK KNS6400 / KNS8400
My recommendations would the KRK KNS series with both the 6400 and 8400. These headphones take world renowned character of KRK’s leading class studio monitors. They have incorporated the latest acoustic foam technology to ensure top of range performance for both the reproduction of sound and the isolation of it within the earpieces. These headphones are really good and really give you a great sound and clarity of your work. I personally have the KNS6400 and use them to mix at home and reference between them and my speakers to make sure my mixes are of an all round quality. I am really impressed by the quality and mixes are extremely good and accurate once bounced down. KRK are one of the leading specialists in studio monitoring and I would completely recommend these to anyone who has a studio.

If you are serious about recording or producing at home, the KRK headphones I have mentioned will help you enhance your recording quality and mixing ability. They are my personal favourite are the KRK’s but if you would like any more advice on headphones then please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Jack.



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