Both of Zooms new pedals (G1on and G1Xon) take affordable, quality pedals to the next level.

G1XonThese pedals are extremely user friendly so even if you are not technologically inclined you will still won’t have a problem. Both of them offer 100 (G1on) and 105 (G1Xon) guitar effects that are all high in quality and include all the usual suspects: distortion, delay, compression, modulation, compression and amp modelling. With these effects you can use 5 of them at the same time so really push your creative mind to its limits and beyond. There are also 68 in built rhythms that you can jam along to and practice with the different sounds and ultimately get the sounds you want to achieve. As well as all of this you get a looper function so you can jam with yourself and the GX1on comes with an expression pedal to give you more control and manipulation of the effects.

I am really impressed with both of these pedals and have no doubt that you will be too. They are compact, stylish, sound great and are extremely affordable for the quality and functionality you get. They are crammed full of sounds, functions and just generally cool stuff! The pedals really are great fun to use and I think you will be very impressed.

Thanks, Jack


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