The AXK1 is a great new electric drum kit that is perfect for new budding drummers! I think it is the perfect bedroom and portable practice kit. It has all the great features to compete with other electric kits on the market. It can withstand hours of playing on all of the great new features it has to offer. Coming from the growing popular Axus range, I can’t see this drum kit being any less amazing than its big brother model, the AXK2.




The sleek simple design is perfect if you want something that is not too much hassle to transport or take up too much room in your practice area. It is robust to withstand all kinds of playing from rock to jazz!






It has a fantastic module that offers everything you need when you start out. Whether it is for headphone practice, playing on your amp or even recording onto music software – the AXK1 has all of he features to accommodate this! It has a built in detailed metronome that is create to master your timing techniques and also speed up for stamina. You can choose from 10 pre set drum kits or 108 voices to create your own kits and expand your playing style!



AXK1PADANDCYMBAL The cymbals feature choke control so you can stop any unwanted over tones the same way you can on an acoustic kit to give you the ultimate realistic feel! The drum pads are also touch sensitive so it goes off how light or heavy you are playing them for a varied tonal performance.



Overall what are the features you get?

  • 3 Tom pads and 1 Snare pad.
  • Hi-Hat and Bass Drum foot triggers.
  • 1 Crash with Choke, 1 Ride and 1 Hi-Hat.
  • 10 Preset Drum Kits.
  • 108 Built in Voices.
  • Reverb on/off effects.
  • 40 preset songs.
  • Detailed metronome with click voice, volume, time signature and interval select.
  • Tempo range between 30 and 280 bpm.
  • Fully lit 3 digit LED display.
  • UBS port, MIDI IN/OUT, Aux In and Headphone port.
  • Connectors: DC 9V, USB Port, MIDI Out, Output L/Mono, Output R, Aux In, Phones and Trigger Input Connector.
  • Includes drum sticks, connecting cables, mounting hardware and power supply.

How does the AXK1 compare to the AXK2?


Although you don’t get the extra features such as the USB port, record effects and the additional kick drum pedal to play on the separate rubber trigger, you can see how similar the products are. For the amazing price drop, you still get all of the same drum kits, pre set songs and voices as well as play along features for home practices.


The Axus AXK1 is coming out in July 2014.

You can find our more information and pre-order now!

If you need any more advice on the Axus AXK1 then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help and answer any queries you have. You can get to me on 01283 535 333 option 1, or email to

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Lizzie joined Normans after graduating from university in Popular Music with Music Technology. She has been playing the drums for most of her life and gained a great insight into both the technical and live aspects of them. As well as the drums, Lizzie loves to play guitar and will have a go at any instrument she can get her hands on!




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