The Mix Track Quad
is the latest in the Mix Track Series. It is a colourful, easy on the eye 4 channel DJ Controller having a variety of backlit controls that will mesmerise the user. It houses 16 rubber performance drum pads, touch activated platter and dedicated mixer controls for each of the four channels. It also comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE and is fully MIDI-Mappable.


It has an in-built audio interface allowing you to connect to your computer via USB and hook up a mic and headphones with no hassle. You get a complete mixer section with cross fader, navigation controls and 3-band EQ for full software manipulation. Control your effects as well with dedicated controls for echo, phaser, flanger and many more. The Mixtrack will sync seamlessly with your laptop, giving you a fully interactive mixing experience right in front of you.

You will bring your mix to life with its empowering, dynamic performance capabilities.

If you are into DJing and need something that has 4 channels to enhance your mixes to the next level then this is for you. The quality of Numark’s MixTrack Series unprecedented and in this latest version you will be highly impressed by the quality and accuracy you will get from this very reasonably priced piece of kit. The touch of the controls are defined giving you the power to control all the aspects of your different mixes.


Overall I am really impressed with the MixTrack and the power it possess all for a good price. Take a look on the Normans Website for more information.

Thanks, Jack.

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