As the summer holidays approach I’m sure the question on most parents minds is “What am I going to do with the children for the next 6 weeks?” Look no further; I have found some easy to make musical instruments that can be made from materials that I’m sure you’ve all got lying around at home. The instruments are easy to make and can be made with the guidance of a grown up. I’m sure they’ll have great fun making these instruments and the best part will be playing them once they have been made.

Homemade Kazoo

This is very easy to make and they can be made in all different shapes and sizes. We’ve all got finished toilet rolls so let’s put them to good use and make a Kazoo. Decorating can be left to the child’s imagination. Whether its pencils and felt tips or paint and sequins. Use what you have available to make a colorful Kazoo.

Materials needed



  • Old toilet roll or paper roll towel
  • Wax paper
  • Rubber band
  • Sharp pencil (or other sharp object) to poke holes – Adult supervision is needed
  • Paint or other decorating materials to decorate your kazoo






Homemade Jingle Sticks and Jingle Rings

These look like great fun and are easy to make. You can get outside and search for these materials; look for sticks on the floor. You’ll have your jingle sticks and jingle rings ready in no time at all. Then you’ll be ready to get shaking and making a ‘jingle’.

Materials needed



  • Sticks (from outside), grapevine wreath
  • Strips of fabric and ribbon
  • Jingle bells





Homemade Do Rei Me Bottles

This has to be one of my favorites. It’s a bit more technical because you need to measure the correct amounts of liquid to ensure you make ‘Do Rei Me’, but the results are great. All you need is to 3 things. Once set up the bottles can be used over and over again. Why don’t you try and make a different tune?

Use these measurements to ensure you get the right tune:


Re- 9 1/2 oz

Mi- 12 1/2 oz

Fa- 14 oz

So- 16 1/2 oz

La 17 1/2 oz

Ti- 18 1/2 oz

Do- 19 oz

Materials needed



  • 8 Plastic Bottles
  • Water
  • Food Coloring (optional)





Homemade Shakers

This homemade instrument is a classic and I’m sure everyone has once made a homemade shaker. They are very easy to make and you can make lots of great sounds. The great thing about these shakers is that you can use anything with a lid (to ensure things don’t fly out). You can use different materials to put inside; most commonly used is rice and dried beans. Anything that will make a good sound is fine. Different materials make different sounds so have some fun and experiment to make different sounds.

 Materials needed


IMG_1303.JPGfor cover photo

  • Container with a lid
  • Materials to put inside- Dried beans, rice or beads









I hope you find these ideas helpful; follow the links to find full instructions and more details on how to create them. I hope you all have an enjoyable summer!

About the author

Georgia was with Normans on a years placement from Nottingham Trent University where she was studying Information Systems.