Bring powerful music making to your fingertips with the Akai MPC Element.

MPC Element 3The MPC Element is a USB-Powred pad controller that will connect to your PC, Mac or iPad (using Apple’s Lightning DockConnector). You will have the power to create full tracks of music using the MPC Software that is included. You can use the 16 pads to upload pitch samples so you can create melodic lines and bass lines as well as adding your own samples. Each pad also features a filter, filter envelopes, amplitude, tuning and LFO modulation of pitch and pan.The drum pads themselves are a built to a very high standard and punch well above its weight as there is nothing in this price bracket that has the same quality. The MPC Element is a very well built controller that represents a very high value for money. It is a basic controller compared to something like the Ableton Push but if you are looking for a portable controller with superb drum pads then this is thing for you.

This MIDI Controller is a great choice for any producer or song writer and with it’s stylish looking and slim line design you will soon fall in love with it.

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