APX500III VSBThe brand new Yamaha APX500 Mk III guitar is the latest upgraded model in the favourable APX series that receives raving reviews from guitarists around the globe. The APX series is world renowned for being one the best and affordable thin line electro acoustic guitars. I am really looking forward to getting my hands of one of these guitars towards the start of August as I think they will push the boundaries once again of the affordable intermediate acoustic guitar. I am looking forward to see how the elongated neck compared to the old MKII effects the playability in a positive way. This length is now 650mm which is the same as the 700 series and should not only enhance the feel of the guitar but also stabilise the tuning. I am looking forward to seeing that the new System 66 pickup will produce and seeing how the sound is affected by the new upgrades.

The colours look a lot more defined and dynamic now and they are less to choose from (5 in total) and each has its own characteristics. Which is your favourite? Check out all the colours here:




Dusk Sun Red

Oriental Blue

Vintage Sunburst

Are you looking forward to the new release? Let me know.

Thanks, Jack.

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