I was talking to a rep from one of our woodwind suppliers recently and (whilst trying to persuade me to stock some more of his products) he asked me ‘which are your top selling woodwind accessories of the year so far?’ It’s one of those questions you think you should be able to answer from the top of your head but in reality never manage to get right without booting up your PC first! So, out of curiosity I did just that and it was no surprise that some of the lines appearing near the top of our ‘best sellers list’ had completely slipped my mind.

Given that customers are generally keen to know what items are selling, I thought I’d share the results with you here. Our Top 10 selling woodwind products of 2014 (by units sold not value) so far are as follows:



1. Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds Strength 1 1/2 (Box of 10) – £13.87

Rico reeds are popular with beginners and professional players alike. The 1 1/2 strength are perfect for students and our best selling woodwind product.



2. Faxx Clear Mouthpiece Patches (Pack of 2) – £3.98

These mouthpiece patches are great for clarinet and saxophone players to prevent teeth marks on the mouthpiece.




3. Selmer Clarinet Thumb Rest Cushion – £4.30

This thumb rest cushion provides comfort for the clarinet player’s thumb and simply fits over the thumb rest.



4. Rocket Flute Mop – Wool – £4.34 

Our best selling flute mop with a plastic handle. It helps to soak up any moisture after playing.



5. Rocket Clarinet Pull-through – £5.42

This pull-through has been designed to make cleaning out your instrument easy, with a weighted cord. It helps to protect the wood and keys of a clarinet.



6. Selmer 2719N Student Bb Clarinet Ligature – £5.62

A must have accessory and very reasonably priced. This ligature helps to keep the reed securely in place on the mouthpiece and helps to produce a clear sound.




7. Yamaha MPAS 4C Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece – £25.00

Yamaha’s most popular mouthpiece, ideal for student and intermediate players.




8. Hercules Travelite Clarinet Stand – £16.15

Not only does this clarinet stand protect your instrument, but it can be folded to fit inside the bell of the clarinet, to take up no extra space in your case.





9. Rovner S1R Dark Bb Clarinet Ligature – £19.99

This clarinet ligature and case is a popular alternative to a metal ligature and offers a warm tone – great for classical players.




10. Rocket Saxophone Sling with Padded Neckpiece – £8.04 

This saxophone sling is popular with gigging musicians. It is very well priced, provides comfort in the padded neck section and keeps the saxophone safe with a clip on mechanism.



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About the author

Andy is a Director of Normans Musical Instruments and has worked within the business for over 20 years. During this time he has been involved in all areas from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Web Development so has experienced both Normans and the wider Musical Instrument industry from many aspects. Originally a Brass player, Andy has developed a good working knowledge of a wide range of instruments and is always keen to augment his understanding when an opportunity arises.