The Axus AXP2 keyboard is Normans’ own brand keyboard that has proven to be extremely popular with schools, music services and students as a great value entry level keyboard. In this article I will further explore the features of this instrument and give my personal opinion on this keyboard.


axus-keyboardThe Axus AXP2 offers a 61-note keyboard. Although it is smaller than the keyboard on a full size piano (88 keys) it is still plenty to play most pieces designed for entry-level grades.

This keyboard is also touch sensitive, which allows a more powerful expression compared to other keyboards at this price that usually do not have this feature. AXP2 accurately recreates softer and louder passages within a piece of music, letting you experience a similar response to that of an acoustic piano.



Voices & Rhythms

axus-keyboard-featuresIn addition to realistic piano sound and powerful expression, the AXP2 keyboard also possesses a whopping 157 keyboard voices accompanied by 100 styles. This allows you to choose from a variety of instruments and keyboard sounds and combine it with a rhythm that suits the style you prefer. In addition to that you also have a range of accompaniment controls including start/stop, sync, intro/ending and main/fill. You can also mix and match your sounds using dual, train your sense of rhythm with metronome and find a number of suitable instruments for your rhythms with one touch setting. These are all fantastic features for those of you who are learning to play keyboard-style or simply enjoy playing around with different features and getting creative.

Lesson Function

axus-keyboardAXP2 is great for supporting you through making the first steps in learning to play the keyboard.

It has a built in lesson and chord dictionary function which helps you learn how to build and play a variety of chords by clearly identifying if you are playing the correct chord.

This interactive function is very helpful when you are just starting to learn and will help you get more confident with the instrument.




axus-keyboardThis keyboard comes with with a power adaptor, a headphone connection and a sustain pedal connection as well.

This means you can practice silently and also play piano-style once you are moving towards more complex pieces.

It has a USB connection as well, for you to hook it up to a computer or plug in a flash drive.

Overall, it has some great, versatile connectivity options for a beginner’s keyboard within this price range.





While the AXP2 is mainly designed as an accessible, versatile, great value instrument for students and beginners, it is also an excellent instrument for leisure and practice even if you are more experienced. It is very lightweight and compact which means you can take in anywhere with you and it still offers plenty of features and creative options for you to play around with. It may seem slightly limited in terms of size as it does not have 88 keys or the weighted feel of a digital piano; it does, without a doubt offer a great selection of features and essentials to get you started compared to other keyboards of this price range.

Check out the video below by Alison, The Online Piano and Violin Tutor:


You can purchase the AXP2 Keyboard Package here.

About the author

Diana was Normans Piano & Strings specialist for a number of years. She is a singer songwriter, plays piano and speaks 3 languages. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling as well as blogging about anything.