When you are performing in front of an audience, achieving the best sound from your keyboard is crucial. Even if your instrument already has a powerful sound, sometimes, you may need it to go that extra mile, especially when performing in larger venues. We are proud to stock the a of Laney Audiohubs, which provide a range of inputs and channels to connect your keyboard as well as other instruments.

Start off small | Laney AH40

laney-ah40-audiohubThis is a perfect Laney Audiohubs to get you started. With 40W power, the AH40 gives you enough volume to make yourself heard. It’s not powerful enough to ‘blow the roof off’, but it certainly gives you plenty of volume for home or the classroom. It features 3 channels, each with its own independent volume control. Like all the other Laney amps, you can connect other instruments as well, perfect for band practice scenarios.

In the middle | Laney AH150

laney-ah150-audiohubGoing a step up from the 4ow, AH150 is a 150 watt amp, giving the player more control over the sound of their instrument. It includes 5 channels, which again can be used for keyboards, guitars etc. The AH150 also includes a 5 band graphic EQ, DSP digital delay & time and level controls. This is much more capable of producing high quality tones in live music environments, and also can be connected to a bigger PA system if required.

Go big or go home | Laney AH300

laney-ah300-audiohubThe biggest there is. Laney’s AH300 is a punchy, 300 watt audiohub, designed to be used by bands and gigging musicians. The 1st two channels come equipped with an XLR jack as well as the standard 1/4″ jack; the fifth channel has an RCA line input, allowing for versatile amplification of many different instruments. As well, it features on-board DSP effects featuring 16 presets with parameter adjustment.

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Diana was Normans Piano & Strings specialist for a number of years. She is a singer songwriter, plays piano and speaks 3 languages. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling as well as blogging about anything.