The saxophone is a woodwind instrument. They are usually heard and played in jazz music. There are four main types of saxophones. The alto, baritone, soprano and the tenor saxophone. They are available for all different levels and abilities, including popular models from Yamaha, Sonata and Yanagisawa ranges.

The Axus AXD2 Digital Piano has been growing more and more popular since its release. It is loved by students, teachers, education services and even professional pianists as a practice instrument. It was initially supplied only in Rosewood, however, due to the demand from our customers, it is now also available in classic Black. With the release of the new colour, I thought it would be good to recap why this piano has earned such positive feedback and give my personal opinion on it.

The clarinet is often heard being played in classical music as well as in jazz. This instruemt forms part of the woodwind family. The instrument includes a reed and you blow into the mouthpiece to produce a sound. They're are many types of clarinets suitable for both beginner and the more advanced player.