I recently got asked by someone what my favourite brand of ukulele is and I thought to myself that this would be good to write about as it got me thinking; which ukulele brand is actually my favourite.

I found this very hard as each different ukulele has its own traits that make them slightly different but I came to a decision of 2 ukulele’s that were my favourite (I know it’s not one, but I couldn’t choose between them OK!)

Bugs Gear SunburstSo the first of my two favourites is the Bugs Gear Ukulele. Now what I really like about this ukulele is the funky shape, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it looks dead cool and each of the colours are really vibrant, which makes it stand out. I do own a yellow one of these uke’s and I changed the strings to the D’Addario J65 and it sounds great! It holds its tuning really well and has a really nice tone. This uke is also available in a plastic version, which also has a really great tone but being plastic has a bit more weight about it and is virtually indestructible (not to mention waterproof?!) The Bugs Gear range is really impressive and I can absolutely recommend them to anyone.

US10RThe second of my favourites is another uke that I own, the Rocket US10R. This is the first ukulele I got as it was cheap and cheerful, but I actually found it has a really nice tone and solid tuning pegs and holds its own against more expensive models. I did change the strings on this as well, again to the D’Addario J65 which enhanced the tonal qualities. It’s a high quality uke for a great price.

The Rocket is more of traditional ukulele shape compared to the Bugs Gear, but these are the two that really stick out to me because of the high quality of sound and tone, combined with the price as well it makes these two the stand out ukulele’s and my favourite.

What is your favourite Uke?

Thanks, Jack.

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