So you are looking to get some headphones to listen to music through or maybe mix some of you tracks with or even listen to your instrument through but you have a budget that you need to stick to. Here I look at the best headphones that we sell for under £50 which will hopefully help you when making your decision.

K99AKG K99 Hi-Fi-Stereo Headphones

Coming in at just under £50 these semi-open headphones will give you an excellent sound representation for an optimum price. They have a self adjusting headband with a soft leatherette and circamaural ear-pads which are low weight to give minimal feeling when they are placed on your head. They are really comfortable and you hardly notice them on your head, which is a real plus for me. They have a 1.6 inch speaker in each ear giving you a natural sound so you can crisply hear whatever it is you’re listening to. They are robust and lightweight, making them ideal for listening to audio on the go.

SR850Samson SR850

These Samson headphones are full-sized, semi-open, dynamic headphones that give you an outstanding sound and are great for listening to your home recording mixes. They also are great for just listening to your favourite tunes. These headphones are so detailed that I am sure you will listen to a song that you have listened to hundreds of times before and still pick something new out in the mix that you just haven’t heard before. They have an adjustable headband for long-wearing listening comfort and they have a specially designed, thick ear cushion that offer maximum comfort . These are very high-quality headphones for a really great price.


HP03Rocket HP03 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

If you are working to a tight budget then I would recommend going for the Rocket Hi-Fi Deluxe Stereo Headphones. Although cheap these headphones will offer you a very powerful bass and clear treble sound across a large frequency range. They also have a reversible ear cup for easy single sided monitoring along with an independent volume control. These headphones are great for personal listening as well as instrumental listening.


You can see all of our headphones here and if you are thinking of getting higher quality headphones for studio use then you might also find this blog I have written useful.

Thanks, Jack

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