It is always fun to read interesting facts about being a drummer, the history of drums and some inspirational creative people over the years that have contributed to world records. I have made a list of my favourite drum facts that I have found out, I especially love number 4!

1. The drums are one of the world’s oldest instruments. As it is classed as a membrane (vibrations caused by a stretched surface) it has carried the same traditional shape for thousands of years.

aligator drum

2. The Alligator Drum is one of the oldest drums to be discovered. It is said to have manifested shamanistic characteristics and were often used in ritual ceremonies. The earliest record of them in from 2300 BC – 1900 BC.

drum work out

3. Drumming is known to be one of the best forms of exercise, in some cases more than than cycling, hiking, or weight lifting! Recently drumming has been adapted into a workout called Drums Alive. This involves aerobic dancing and jamming on exercise balls.

drum work out

4. Viola Smith is one of the world’s most famous female drummers. She is 101 years old and claims that playing the drums contributed to her longevity. She is also Zildjian’s longest running endorser!

simmons drum

5. Back in the 80’s, electric drums became very popular. People thought that they were going to phase out traditional drums, however it turns out drummers prefer to play acoustic kits over electric in all decades.

simmons drum

6. The longest drum roll by an individual is 8 hours 1 min 17 seconds and was achieved by Christopher Anthony at a shopping centre in California, USA, in 2012. 

7. Ludwig drums founded the first workable bass drum pedal system in 1909, paving the way for what was to become the modern drum kit.

simmons drum

8. The “drum kit” started to evolve in the 1890’s when people started to incorporate the bass drum and cymbals into their performance. The first drum kit to be sold as a full set was the 1920’s Ludwig “Jazz Er Up” kit however it did not include a Hi-Hat. The Hi-Hat was introduced in the 1930’s DeLuxe Drum Outfit.

simmons drum

9. The longest marathon drumming lasted 122 hr 25 min and was achieved by Kunto Hartono in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia, from 27 December 2011 – 1 January 2012.

simmons drum

10. The world’s largest drum kit has 813 pieces to it and took 36 years to build. It takes 15 hours and 4 people to put it up and 1 hour to hit each individual piece. It was created by Dr. Mark Temperato who is aiming to expand it to 1000!

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