Every drummer has the drum kit brand that they love to play. It is always down to personal preference and the best thing to do is try as many as you can – you will know as soon as you play the perfect brand and drum kit. There are lots of popular brands so here is a few of the ones I know to tell you about. (In no particular order!)




Mapex is the drum kit brand I personally use and love. I started out on the Horizon and moved up to a M Birch for a better quality during live performances and recording. Mapex uses clever methods to make their drums as affordable and the highest quality as they can. They experiment using different ply to give you a great sustain as well as stunning finishes that are far from plain.



yamaha drums

Yamaha is a great brand than is constantly developing and becoming more and more advanced. Over the years they have brought out unique features such as the YESS Technology (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System) which are attached to the shells using the nodle point for less vibrations and a better dynamic range. They are one of the biggest names in drums with a long list of endorsers. 



pearl logo


Pearl’s range is from beginner to advanced and it always has a great quality all around. As well as being a popular choice for marching and corps drums, they are one of the most popular brands sold in education. The quality of the kit and hardware is always far from disappointing. Having played a lot of Pearl drum kits, I cannot fault the velocity every kit is able to produce!



rocket music


Although they are not the top end quality, Rocket/Stagg is a great brand to look at if you want to buy your first drum kit but unsure if you will stick at it. It is good for beginners and definitely provides everything you need to progress as a drummer. They are also the brand that offers a range of sizes in drum kits from junior to full size.



ludwig logo

Ludwig is probably one of the best known drum brands there is. It has a long list of endorsers against its name including the popular Ringo Starr. If you are looking for a drum kit with a vintage style, Ludwig has been around for over 100 years now and helped in the development of the modern drum kit. Its popularity has definitely lead to this brand knowing exactly what a drummer wants.





Tama is another brand that has a long list of rock endorsers under their belt. They go straight into mid range kits and concentrate mainly on professional sounding kits. Although the price is never low on Tama kits, they are a great investment and have an amazing live sound. They are best known for their on going Starclassic series of drums.





Premier is one of the UK’s biggest drum manufacturers. They are one of the leading drum and percussion brands. Although not as well known and they used to be, they have always been popular amongst traditional and military drumming. They have worked with all the large brands such as Yamaha and Tama to create classic sounding drum kits and hardware.





Making drums for nearly 140 years, Sonor is to thank for the the modern tension rod and lug method on drums as well as the metal snare drum. Sonor is known for its perfect finishes and robust frame that drummers who play them rarely ever change kits. They have a unique sound and a well established list of great drummers for decades.



gretch logo


Gretch is a very popular brand amongst Jazz drum kits. Keeping their family business roots, they try to adapt to the current drum kits as well as the traditional vintage tone. They are known for their sturdy hardware and popular in studios for recording as well as sample tones on music software.


DW (Drum Workshop)

dw logo


DW has to be one of the most well known high end drum kit manufacturers to date. From their stunning finishes to outstanding tone and sustain the DW drum kits are worth every penny. DW started out making just hardware however they now specialise in mostly custom made drum kits to suit every customer.


If you need any more information on drum kit brands then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help and answer any queries you have. You can get to me on 01283 535 333 option 1, or email to sales@normans.co.uk.

About the author

Lizzie joined Normans after graduating from university in Popular Music with Music Technology. She has been playing the drums for most of her life and gained a great insight into both the technical and live aspects of them. As well as the drums, Lizzie loves to play guitar and will have a go at any instrument she can get her hands on!