Created by Stoney Watts who was a banjo player for over 50 years. Stoney met someone at an open mic night who had created his own capo from a spoon. Stoney then used this as inspiration and thought that he could create a capo using the same principles in design.

Stoney and his son in law Coenrad worked on designing the capo and the finished product became known as the Stoney 5th string banjo capo. When Stoney fell ill all design rights were given to Coenrad.

Stoney continued to work alongside Coenrad and they perfected the capo from feedback that’d had from banjo players using other capos. The fact many players found drilling and screwing into their banjo a downside; they resulted in using a suction cup for the Stoney capo. The capo is entirely coated which means no metal parts are left in contact with the banjo and at no risk of scratching.


The capo is now available in lots of different colours. With bright colours including red, yellow, green and purple. They have had very positive feedback and even offer a full no quibble money back guarantee because they are so confident about the functionality of their 5th string banjo capo.

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