The latest MG Series from Yamaha is finally here. We’ve listed some of the keys features that we think you’ll love.

Yamaha Mixer Overview:


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Over the last 100 years Yamaha has built up a heritage brand of superior craftsmanship and the latest MG Series is no exception. The third generation of MG Mixers is finally available here at Normans Instruments and we couldn’t hide our excitement even if we tried! This renewal of design excellence features some of the same technologies used in the high-end quality professional consoles which include; Powerful digital processing, studio-quality preamps and much more!

The whole Series with models ranging from 6 to 20 channels features an innate and simple-to-use interface which is fit for a varied range of users. For installed, recording, or live music settings, the concrete build and adaptable design of these consoles lets you contour your sound with complete confidence.


D-PRE (Discrete Class-A Mic Preamps)



The MG Series feature Yamaha’s studio-quality class-A D-PRE preamps that use an inverted Darlington circuit consisting of two progressive transistors in a structure that supplies more power with lower impedance. D-PRE preamps acquire a remarkably broad frequency range that enables them to manage signals from any audio source without excessively amplifying any elements of the sound. This pure sonic platform will save time and efforts by eliminating the need for excessive EQing or additional effects processing.



High Quality Sound Op-amp



As the op-amp is one of the most important parts in the head amp circuit the MG Series has been given a new, high quality, custom made MG01 op-amp that has been developed with the semiconductor manufacturer. With them Yamaha focused on producing quality sound first rather than the traditional way of prioritising electrical design and efficiency. The whole op-amp has been redesigned and all component materials are high quality to ensure the best quality sound possible is produced.



1-knob Compressors



Even the most basic outboard compression units are extremely complex and becoming familiar enough with them to use correctly can be a lengthy process. One-knob compression was initially a development factor within the Yamaha brand – now an industry standard it provides users with direct access to optimized compression settings by the use of a single rotary control.





EQ and High-pass Filters



Reliable equalization means users are able to fine-tune and manipulate control of their tone effortlessly.

Yamaha’s experience in constructing pro audio gear which includes 3-band equalizers on all mono channels for more accurate management of sound is beyond compare. The MG Series benefits from a High-pass filter enabling users to discard any unwanted low-frequency noise, leaving a much smoother and cleaner mix.




AUX / Effect Sends / Group



MG Series mixers feature up to 4 auxiliary inputs for developing sound strengthening or recording setup, allowing users to incorporate additional effects, output to external recording devices or feed to a monitoring system.






A variety of input / output connectors



The Mono Microphone/Line Channels and XLR equipped stereo channels feature high-quality Neutrik balanced XLR connectors.

All of the mono inputs are equipped with combo jacks (this allows to connect with both Mic and Line signals)





LED level metering


Simple-to-read LED level metering enables output levels to be monitored with high accuracy.


Built to last


During live gigs, recording, and installed applications, your console can be subject to a wide range of environmental conditions and hazards. Excessive humidity, unstable power supplies, and the rigors of travelling during transportation of the device  can take its toll on a mixing console, often causing expensive and lengthy  repairs, ultimately reducing its lifespan.


The MG Series has been reconstructed with an emphasis on resilience, integrated with practical features that offer greater flexibility whilst also ensuring outstanding performance that is also long-lasting.

MG Series mixers feature a robust, impact-resistant, powder-coated metal chassis, ensuring an unparalleled level of durability. With a sleek design shaped for the finest convection cooling, the internal blueprint separates the power supply from the analog circuitry for healthier noise reduction whilst also further extending the life of the components within.

To further ensure consistent and dependable performance, knob control placed above the surface of the chassis diverts any impact or strain to the chassis itself rather than the circuit board or components underneath.


Internal Universal Power Supply



The Universal Power Supply provides simplicity and operational efficiency allowing users to run the console worldwide. Additionally the internal supply ensures effortless rack mounting of the console for installed applications, so no need for  bulky adapters or additional connections.

The easily adaptable rack mount kit is included. This gives you the option of mounting your mixer in a sleek designed, robust and stable rack to ensure safety to your mixer as well as keeping set-up time to a minimum. The 16 and 20 channel models include rack ears to give you the option of rack-mounted or desktop free configuration.


XLR connector –


The main stereo outputs feature XLR type connectors that lock in order to prevent unintended disconnection. Durable and dependable, these professional connectors ensure steady signal transmission even in the most challenging environments.


Take a look at the MG Series for yourself:

Yamaha MG06 MG Series 6

Yamaha MG06X XU Series 6

Yamaha MG10 MG Series 10

Yamaha MG10XU XU Series 10

Yamaha MG12 MG Series 12

Yamaha MG12XU XU Series 12

Yamaha MG16 MG Series 16

Yamaha MG16XU XU Series 16

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