These are the essential accessories I think are important to have alongside your PA system as spares because you never know what is going to happen!!

Speaker StandStands

Having a good set of stands is high important as these will take a big battering being lugged around to all your different gigs and the last thing you want is a speaker or microphone falling off and landing on one of your fans; being sued is not Rock & Roll….



Mic ClipMic Clips

Mic clips are an essential to have as a spare because the are small they can go missing so I think it is wise to have back up, they aren’t expensive and easy to get hold of.




XLR Cables / Instrument Cables

I think this should go without saying, cables have the habit of just cutting out or breaking, being lost and destroyed by someone treading on them etc. Always have a couple of back ups.

Gaffa Tape

This should be in every PA accessory box. Gaffa tape is imperative for taping down lose cables, making sure you don’t go face first into the crash cymbal whilst performing your busted style jump.


GL-100Stagg GL-100 Gooseneck Mixer Light

This would come in handy if you need to go over to your mixer and make any slight adjustments to the volumes or effects. If it is dark it could get messy so with this light your visibility of the mixing desk will be greatly improved.



Extension LeadExtension Lead

You will always need these as some smaller venues may not have enough plugs so you will need to extend across your stage area.




Any questions then feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Jack

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