Normans Christmas LogoThe Christmas rush seems to start before December and the shops are starting to get busy much earlier. The stress of Christmas can often take away the magic. Normans has everything you need to make this Christmas stress free. We’ve put together a Gift Guide, including products we think will be perfect as gifts. Ensure your packages arrive in plenty of time and take a look at our Last Delivery Dates and Opening Times over Christmas and New Year

Normans has everything you need to make this Christmas a musical one. I’ve put some products together that I think will be perfect as gifts for children this Christmas.


pBone Plastic Trombone


4885_1_Take a look at the very popular plastic trombone from pBone. This instrument is growing ever more popular amongst children, schools and even adults.

This one is in a lovely Christmassy red; but also available in a variety of different colours including Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Black, Orange, Pink and White. You’re sure to find a colour that suits your child. This trombone is perfect for children not just because it’s made of plastic but because it’s lightweight and robust.

The ABS one-piece bell construction and glass-fibre are ideal materials for children as they are virtually indestructible. So no need to worry when your child takes this instrument to school.

This pBone is pitched in Bb, but you can also find the pBone Mini in Blue and Red which is pitched in Eb.


Nuvo jFlute Outfit in White with Blue Trim


7163_1_This flute is durable and fun with a lovely blue trim. Also available with a Green or Pink trim. These flutes are from the new range by Nuvo and are very lightweight and robust. Included is a sturdy case, cleaning rod, cloth and O-ring grease. Also an instrument leaflet for any further guidance- you are fully equipped to begin playing.

This flute allows children as young as 5 to learn and play which makes it such a great instrument; its curved headjoint and lightweight design allows young players to learn and play.


Prima 200 Student Violin Outfit (1/4 Size)


1862_1_Perfect for a child aged between 6-7 years of age. This student violin is perfect for students/children. Other sizes available include 1/2, 3/4 and Full Size; so you can find something for different ages.

This ebony outfit has ebony fittings in a satin varnish. Included is a sturdy case and robust bow. The bridge is in lovely maple and instrument is tested by our in-house specialist before transit.



A-Star Handheld Childrens Percussion Kit



A great starter kit for children over the age of 3. Included are 9 great percussion instruments with a safe zip-up carry case; easy for the child is carry. The kit includes a triangle and beater, wooden claves, tambourine, maracas, tube shaker, egg shaker, jingle stick, finger cymbals and wrist bells.

This kit has a lot to offer and is perfect as a starter kit; allowing the child to experiment with the instruments and get them into playing. Something for everyone in this percussion kit from A-Star and a great item for Christmas.


Rocket US10R Red Soprano Ukulele with Bag


6880_1_This ukulele comes in a bright, red colour. It’s a great starter instrument and also good for more experienced players; it’s becoming more and more popular in schools. This ukulele comes in a very durable bag which makes it ideal for carrying your ukulele to school, practice or storage.

It’s built from a lovely pine wood and has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. This ukulele comes fitted with nylon strings so It’s all ready to play on Christmas day.


I hope I have given you some Christmas ideas. If you have any queries or questions then please contact the sales team on: 01283535333 or email:

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Georgia was with Normans on a years placement from Nottingham Trent University where she was studying Information Systems.