Here are my top 6 percussion instruments to buy for under £35:

1) Percussion Plus Wak-a-Pak

wak-atubeThe idea of Wak-a-Tubes is to strike them on a hard flat surface to create a sound. They are brightly colour coordinated in either diatonic, chromatic or bass key and come with a book to help you play popular songs with them. They are ideal for small kids or percussion workshops. A Wak-a-Pak comes with carry wrap which also turns them into a Xylophone style instrument to play solo pieces with beaters.



2) Glockenspiel

Glockenspiels are great for learning the very basics of music on. This fun percussion instrument is perfect to introduce children into the musical world. Each bar is labelled with a different note which you strike to play scales and songs.

3) Maracas



Maracas are widely used in all kinds of musical styles.  They originate from Latin Music and they are part of the idiophone family. You play them by holding the long handles underneath the oval top. The beads then shake around in the bell to create a bright repetitive tone. They are usually played in pairs along with other percussion instruments in an ensemble.


4) Bongos

The Bongos are a great addition to any percussion set up. You can get them in all sizes and quality for great prices. Another instrument originating from the Latin Music family, they work well during acoustic performances being played on their own. There is 2 heads, one smaller than the other so give a variation of pitch. Most modern bongos have tuning lugs so you can tune it to your desired pitch.

5) Percussion Plus Thunder



Different from the other percussion instruments, this is a thunder sound effect also known as a spring drum. You play it by pulling the string and shaking the drum so that the vibrations transmit down to the head and create a loud thunder effect. They are great for children or realistic sound effects in performances.



6) Cow Bell

Cow bells range in sizes from 4.5″ to 9.5″ depending on the tone and sustain you want to achieve. They are either metal or plastic, again varying on the tone you want. They are attached via a bracket and used as an additional instrument on your percussion kit. They originate from salsa music however the cowbell is being used a lot in popular music to replace the ride/hi-hat in a song.


If you need any more information on percussion instruments then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help and answer any queries you have. You can get to me on 01283 535 333 option 1, or email to

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