You are an advanced player, you are looking for an advanced cornet. Makes sense. By this stage in your playing lifetime you probably know what’s what and precisely what you want from your instrument. Nevertheless, there are still a few things that are worth considering before jumping in head first.

Firstly, the Finish

So, Lacquer or Silver? As a beginner, the differences between the two may be somewhat negligible. However, at a higher level of playing the differences will be more noticeable to you and it is important that your instrument is the perfect one for you.

Some argue that a Lacquer instrument has a more mellow sound compared to the brightness of a Silver instrument. Be this as it may, Lacquer wears more quickly but is easier to keep clean day to day whereas its Silver counterpart is longer lasting and takes repairs better.


  • Mellow sound
  • Easy to keep clean on day to day basis
  • Finish wears less long term


  • Bright sound
  • More difficult to keep clean on day to day basis
  • Long lasting


lacquer-cornetWhat sound do you want?

The cornet is a mellow instrument, end of. However, as with everything in like, not all models are equal and some are more mellow than others. As a rule of thumb, a Besson instrument will be warmer while a Yamaha will be brighter.

With this in mind, be sure to have a look as to what Brass Alloy is used in the bell. This can impact your tone.

  • YELLOW BRASS – The alloy creates a bright sound and is an industry standard. If the bell metal is not specified, assume this.
  • GOLD BRASS – This has a higher copper content than the above, giving your instrument a broader, fuller tone whilst still retaining a good level of projection.
  • RED BRASS – Aka Rose Brass – This is the highest copper content of all, hence produces a more warm and mellow sound.


What do you play?

silver-cornetBy this we mean, where and with whom do you play. It’s worth considering what your conductors want from you.

Many brass bands will insist on Silver, hence the name ‘silver band’, but in other situations this is a personal choice from the considerations above.


Some models to consider when picking the advanced cornet of your dreams:

Besson Prestige

Yamaha Neo

Besson Sovereign

About the author

Heidi worked for a number of years at Normans Musical Instruments, progressing from a Saturday Sales Assistant to a full time Brass Specialist within our Sales Team. Heidi has now left Normans and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.