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January is always a time to bring in something new in our lifestyle, expand our outlook, skills and generally a time for bettering ourselves. Too often though, this involves gruelling diets and tiring exercise that take a lot of time and are very difficult to stick to. This is why here at Normans we challenge you to learn a new skill that is guaranteed to bring you nothing but joy, motivation and fun for less than your gym membership! Why not try something different this year and learn to play the cool little Hawaiian instrument that is now more popular than ever – the ukulele.



The ukulele has grown increasingly popular all over the country among schools, musicians of all levels and people who have never played before! All because of their fun design, lovely bright sound, compact size, great value and, most importantly – they are super easy to learn! There are many ukulele orchestras, workshops and classes, quite possibly very close to you that you can join, so playing a ukulele is also a great way of socialising and meeting new, like-minded people. And if you’d prefer to learn in the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of tutorial DVDs and videos available so you can play a range of songs in no time!

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At Normans we have everything to get you started – now there are no excuses for not taking up this fabulous little instrument!


Step 1 – Choosing Your Instrument



We stock a wide range of ukuleles featuring a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colours so you can choose the best instrument for you. The best thing about a ukulele is that they start from just below £20, which is accessible for almost anyone and encourages more people to join the ukulele craze. Take a look for yourself and pick out your perfect uke in our ukulele shop:


There are also plenty of guides available in our blog section. Our guitar specialist Jack has a series of blogs to guide you through selecting your instrument and you can always give our sales team a call on 01283 535333 option 1. Click the below links for further advice:








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Step 2 – gear up with accessories

To bring out the best sound from your ukulele and keep it protected, you will need a couple of useful accessories to help you along so we have put together a ‘shopping list’ for you:

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Tuner – to keep your ukulele in tune, you will need a reliable, precise tuner for the best tone. The best choice for a beginner would be a clip-on digital ukulele tuner, specifically designed to tune the exact notes you would want to achieve on your instrument by clearly indicating the tuning. We recommend the Rocket Digital Clip-On Tuner as the best value, great quality option at £4.49 or, if you are looking for something a bit more professional, Qwik Tune QTSN6 Snark Clip on Tuner would be one of the best to go for.

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Bag – most starter ukuleles will already come with a bag, however, if you do not have one or want to upgrade, a good quality bag is definitely an essential accessory to keep your uke safe. For example, the Rocket Soprano Ukulele Bag is a padded, smart-looking option to keep your uke safe. If you want a hard case that will also make you stand out in the crowd, the Stagg Soprano Ukulele Case in Gold Tweed is a gorgeous case to choose that will not go unnoticed.


Picks – this is optional as the strings on the ukulele are fairly soft so in most cases the plectrums are not needed. However, if you do feel more comfortable to play with picks, Mahalo Felt Ukulele Plectrums would be a great choice.

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Replacement Strings – you probably will not need these to start with, but they are useful to keep as a spare in case you do snap a string. You can get a decent set of durable strings from as little as £1.99 such as the Rocket Nylon Ukulele String Set. If you are looking to improve the general tone of your ukulele with a set of high quality strings, we would recommend D Addarion J65 Nylon Ukulele Strings.


Step 3 – Lessons

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So now that you have everything to get started, the final step is lessons! Ukulele is an easy and fun instrument to learn and there are plenty of options for you to teach yourself! You can purchase a tutorial DVD from as little as just over £3 mark with the Mahalo Ukulele Tutorial DVD designed for beginners to teach you the basics. For a more thorough learning experience, we recommend Absolute Beginners DVUKE Ukulele DVD designed to take you from the basics to playing complete songs. So grab a friend or a member of family and create your own ukulele workshop!


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