Following our previous blog, Keyboard Stands: What To Look For here are our top 5 keyboard stands that not only will provide great support and stability for your keyboard but are also priced at a great value! If you do need any further advice, please contact me directly on 01283 535333 option 1 or email


Rocket Height Adjustable Keyboard Stand





One of our most popular keyboard stands, the Rocket KXS01 offers portability as well as 5 different height adjustment options and a very sturdy support for your keyboard. The perfect choice for smaller keyboard models.


Rocket Double Braced Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand




For heavier, larger keyboards or if you simply want more support from your stand, the Rocket KXS02 Double Braced model would be an excellent choice. It is a sturdy and robust stand that is height adjustable and portable making it ideal for any situation.


Stagg MXS-A1 Adjustable Mixer/Keyboard Stand




If you are looking for a more substantial support for your keyboard, this mixer stand is possibly the most versatile and reliable option. It is particularly great if you have larger, heavier, 76 to 88 note instruments as it holds up to 50kg of weight. The stand is adjustable and the dimensions are (WxHxD): 73 to 111.5cm x 60 to 72cm x 32cm and (WxHxD): 73cm x 32cm x 12cm when folded. At only 5.7kg weight, the MXS-A1 is a reliable, sturdy companion for the gigging musician.


Rocket Z Style Mixer or Keyboard Stand




The Z-Style stand is compact for smaller spaces and is ideal for musicians who play a lot sitting down as the stand is fixed height. It features a funky Z design as well as providing a robust, well-balanced support for your instrument. Best thing is that it holds up to 100kg of weight!


Yamaha L2C Keyboard Stand





For those of you who have any of the Yamaha NP or PSRE series keyboards, the Yamaha L2C is a great option for a stand. It is fixed height, collapsible allowing plenty of leg room and it also fixes into your keyboard providing maximum support and safety. This is great if you are looking for a more permanent fix for your instrument, especially within a busy environment. The stand is lightweight and collapsible so you can take it everywhere with you.

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