Audio Cables are one of those things that you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about but are essential and are too important to be ignored. Here I look at the most popular ones we sell and how they are useful.

Mini JackMini Jack to Mini Jack Cable

This is a very common cable and can be used to connect your MP3 / Phone to speakers, car radios and mixing desks. It is a very useful connector that should be part of anyone’s collection.




2 phone plug2 Phone Plugs to 2 Phone Plugs

This cable is the perfect cable for connecting stereo instruments, such as keyboards and electronic drum kits to amps, PA Systems or mixing desks. This way you will make sure you are getting the best stereo signal from your instrument, ensuring you have a well formed and rounded sound.



stereo phone plugStereo Phone Plug

The Stereo Phone Plug is usually two 1/4″ stereo jack connections linked to either a mini jack or 1/4″ jack. This cable is great for connecting your audio interface to speakers, your MP3 player to speakers or your TV to speakers (basically you can connect a stereo signal (speakers) to anything that has a jack input). This will allow you to improve the sound, project the sound and control the sound.




The 2 RCA Cable is very similar to the 2 phone plugs as is will connect stereo signals but using the RCA connection that you will find on Hi-Fi Systems and TV’s. It will allow you to connect external speakers system, improving your sound.



I hope this helps and if you have any questions then please let me know.

Thanks, Jack

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