Here at Normans we aim to provide you with a selection of best quality acoustic pianos at prices that are affordable and budget-friendly. In this article I will look at the two pianos that are available at a superb value of under £2500 and have been very popular with individuals and schools alike. These are cheaper than some digital instruments and provide you with the true authenticity and impressive looks only an acoustic instrument can offer. As part of our service we offer free tuning prior to shipping and free delivery by an experienced, friendly team of professionals. There is also a finance option available to help you with your payment including options tailored to suit everyone. If you need any further advice or information, please feel free to drop me a comment below or contact me on and I will be happy to help.


Sonata Modern SP108 Upright Piano




Sonata is our own range of pianos that offer well-built, beautiful looking and great sounding instruments that would give more expensive models a run for their money! Sonata SP108 piano is carefully crafted by expert piano makers, ensuring all effort, accuracy and finest materials are invested to create a fantastic student instrument with a professional touch. The body of the SP108 is made from hard maple, finished in high quality, classic polished ebony. The sound board is made from sitka spruce which gives a well-rounded, mellow tone and the black keys on the 88 note keyboard are made from natural ebony for an incredible feel. While the piano is classically styled, it is still very compact compared to other upright pianos, which is great for smaller spaces and rooms. Una Corda and Sustain pedals add great dynamics to your performance while the ‘muffler‘ pedal lets you practice almost silently if needed, which can be very handy for later practices or if you don’t want to disturb others. The high-level features, accurate craftsmanship and affordable price is exactly what makes the Sonata SP108 Upright Piano the perfect choice for students and pianists on a budget that do not want to compromise on the acoustic piano sound and feel we all love.


Yamaha B Series B1 Upright Piano



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When it comes to reliability, quality and technology, very few models can compare against the iconic Yamaha Pianos and the B1 is no exception. This stunning upright piano has been a true hit with pianists of all levels as well as education establishments and other businesses. The B1 is the first model in Yamaha’s range of acoustic pianos and it is available in 6 stunning wood finishes – polished ebony, polished walnut, open pore walnut, polished mahogany, satin natural beech and polished white. Here at Normans we usually stock the polished ebony option, however, if you prefer any other colours, please contact our sales team for details. The B1 model is crafted by Yamaha using their years of irreplaceable expertise and craftsmanship to create a truly stunning model. While it is designed with students in mind, the B1 will be perfect for a pianist of any level. The instrument features an easy-to-play, responsive 88-note keyboard that provides immaculate intonation alongside Yamaha’s pure and resonant sound that reverberates all through the natural wood body. The piano is a true joy to play and, although, priced at a very affordable value is a work of art and product of carefully developed technology and skill that you can trust when it comes to Yamaha. This upright is also very compact compared to the other models in the B-Series and will therefore be ideal for smaller spaces, meaning you can still have an acoustic piano in your home without having to settle. Along with Una Cord and Sustain pedals there is even a muffler pedal that will help you reduce the volume of the piano which is great for a quiet practice. Excellent choice offering you the Yamaha piano experience at a great value!



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