Dynamic microphones are the most common type of mic and there are lots to choose from across a range of prices. Not everyone can afford the top mic’s and nor do they want to spend that amount. I have had a look and decided on the top 3 dynamic microphones we sell for under £25:

Q7Samson Q7 Dynamic Microphone

The Samson Q7 would be my number 1 choice for a cheap, good quality and reliable dynamic microphone. Samson is a good brand that can be trusted and this microphone is very good for the money and will definitely appreciate the high sensitivity as this just makes singing / talking easy as you don’t have to worry about keeping your mouthpiece right next to the mic itself. Also with having high sensitivity it makes this mic quite handy for recording purposes, so you really are getting an “all rounder” with the Q7. It comes with a carry case and mic clip as well, so for me this is a great deal for a great mic that you can guarantee reliability and versatility.



R10SSamson R10S Dynamic Mic

This mic is the cheapest one we sell, coming in at under £15 and you must be thinking that surely this can’t be great for that, well you’re wrong as this mic is great for the bedroom / karaoke singer. I would recommend this for children as it has a robust design but also carries a nice tone and sound. Many DJ’s use this mic for their karaoke’s (where there may be people that have had a few…) so it doesn’t matter too much if something happens to it. It is also ideal for people that are looking to record some vocal in their bedroom and get to grips with computer music and recording. It includes a desktop stand and 5m cable so you are ready to go as soon as you get this.



md-1500Stagg MD-1500 Pro Dynamic Mic

The Stagg MD-1500 comes in at just under £25 and for me it’s a solid choice of microphone. With Stagg you know you are going to get reliable products that do exactly what they say and with this mic is no different. It’s well designed so it can withstand vigorous movement, especially from children or when gigging so makes it, for me an ideal choice for children or beginner bands that are on a budget. It also has a high frequency level meaning it can be used to record as it will pick up the sounds that other microphones similar to it cannot.


These 3 mics are all great and offer the user a high quality and clear sound that is great value for money.

Let me know if you have any questions, Jack.

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