Well, Danelectro was founded in 1947 by Nathan “Nat” Daniel and they started off by producing amplifiers (hence the name Dan-Electro). In the 50’s they branched out more and were contracted to produce solid bodied guitars with store branding for Airline, Silverstone and many more; soon after this they also manufactured hollow bodied guitars.

Mr Daniel was an extremely innovative man who wanted to create new instruments that could push music to the next level and he did so by creating the 6 string bass, which had a big effect upon country music. He also invented the Baritone Guitar, which although wasn’t extremely popular amongst the whole world but did become a niche in Nashville with ‘Tic-Tac’ Bass Lines. Other noticeable works by him include the 6-string sitar, various 12 string guitars, such as the Bellozuki and he also implemented vibrato and echo effects into amplifiers.



Danelectro guitars got very popular and at one point were shipping out nearly a truck full of guitars each day and had 500 employees, so I would say that Danelectro did quite a lot for the music we see today.

They were bought out by MCA in 1966 and part closed in 1969 due to poor marketing strategies. Nowadays they focus on selling their effects pedal range alongside a limited number of guitars each year. There are eight main runs of pedals: original effects, FAB effects, mini effects, vintage effects, Wasabi effects, Paisley effects, Cool Cat effects and other miscellaneous effects. Each has their own unique design and vary in prices with the FAB range being the most affordable, with the two most popular ones we sell being:


FAB1FAB1 – Distortion Pedal

Of course the distortion pedal would be popular; it’s cheap, sounds great and is easy to use making it ideal for people on a budget or beginners looking to use pedals. You get a punching, cut throat sound, ideal for all types of musical genres.



fab5FAB5 Chorus Pedal

The Chorus sound is something that should never be underestimated; it can add a whole new dynamic to your sound and add that thickness that you crave. The FAB5 is a great pedal to achieve these things. Easy to use and being at a great price makes it very popular.



Danelectro instruments are loved by guitarist and musicians alike and you name the guitarist and they’ve played it … trust me, the list is endless!

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