The World’s best-selling and most popular, trusted notation software has had an upgrade; Welcome The New Sibelius (Version 8). AVID are always thinking of ways to improve Sibelius to make the operation easier to use and allow you to express your creativity in as many ways possible, allowing your creative juices to flow freely without having problems getting them onto the score.

sibelius 8The biggest new change is the subscription package where you can subscribe annually or monthly so you will always have the latest upgrade / version of Sibelius. The idea of this is that you will spread the cost over low payments so when the new version comes out you don’t have to pay the £400+ for the latest model in one go. As well as instant access to future upgrades and updates you get expert help from AVID’s specialist support team. I think this idea is great if you are a constant user of Sibelius and rely on it heavily as it spreads the cost over time, but if you aren’t interested too much in future versions then this isn’t really going to be worthwhile.

AVID have optimised this Sibelius to run with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet, which allows you quickly add and edit notes with the tap of a pen alongside playing music in real time. You can also resize and drag the score around whilst inputting notes.

The Annotate feature gives you the capability to create reminders for yourself about music changes or communicate ideas and feedback with others.You can draw directly onto the score using your mouse, trackpad or USB Tablet. I like this feature and think it will make it easier to review scores, especially if you are a teacher or offering help to someone.

With this new Sibelius, you also get PhotoScore NotateMe Lite and AudioScore Lite bundled in. This means you can scan in your sheet music so you can edit those in a digital score, transcribe music from a CD, or sing through a mic and send to Sibelius. If you are thinking of using AudioScore a lot then it may be worth looking at purchasing the full version. I do like these features as it gives you easy access to edit scores that you otherwise would have to hand write.

They have also made the whole installation and activation a lot simpler and quicker, which I really like because it can get confusing and very long winded. You get an AVID Master Account which means you can activate Sibelius on any computer, rather than having to deactivate and reactivate, using serial numbers and ID’s.

For schools you can also get the site licences so you can install on your network, please contact me for more details on these. We also have the Education Versions available which you will need to provide ID or documentation proving you are a teacher, student or work in education.

Overall the new Sibelius looks smart and sounds great. It has become easier to use, create and edit scores and is an absolute must for anyone who uses scores or creates music.

Thanks, Jack

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  • Raymond Berry 23/10/2015 at 10:16 am

    Having been a user of Sibelius 7 for many years and also having bought the full versions of Audioscore and Photoscore, I will gladly sing the praised of Sibelius – a truly wonderful program. But as for Audioscore and Photoscore, these were both a complete waste of money as neither of them work satisfactorily. I’ve tried using Photoscore many times and have found it to be particularly useless in copying anything but the simplest of music. As for copying a score – forget it. Unless the music sheet is sparsely written and in pristine condition, Photoscore will throw up many, many errors which are extremely awkward to amend. As for Audioscore. I have never yet managed to get the program to do anything worthwhile and it’s so slow that I’ve abandoned all projects I’ve attempted. I’m with you all the way as far as Sibelius is concerned, but the other two – forget them and don’t waste your money.