The condenser microphone is the perfect microphone to use for recording, whether it be vocals, guitar, drums or ambient, atmospheric sound. This is because they have higher frequency and transient responses making them more sensitive to the sounds and tones, giving you a better quality recording. It also makes them more delicate and expensive than dynamic mics. Also, they do require an external power supply (phantom power) which can be found on almost all mixers and interfaces, usually under the marking 48V.

Here at Normans we sell a healthy variety of condenser mics and these are my top 3 –

NT1ARode NT1 Package

The Rode NT1A Package is a microphone I would without question recommend to anyone looking for a good quality microphone, especially for the price. First impressions of the mic are that it has a slick and robust design, there are no switches, it is very clean and professional looking. It has a tough black outer mesh basket that seems to offer a good level of protection and the main body of the mic is nickel plated aluminium to resist corrosion and it has a ceramic coating, protecting it from scratches.

In the package, you get Rode’s SMR Shockmout that has a double lyre suspension where the second lyre acts as a tensioning agent that helps cancel vibrations by keeping both the lyres in the prime position. This is a good shockmount that just adds to the quality of your recording. You also get a popshield which is great for stopping those harsh sounds.

Sound wise the NT1A gives you a crisp and solid sound that offers lots of warm low-end fullness, with airy highs and cool mids. The mic is ideal for vocals but can also be used to record acoustic guitar along with ambient and atmospherical sounds.

This is a good quality large diaphragm microphone and anyone looking to record vocals needs something like the NT1A in their arsonry.


mtrSamson MTR101A Studio Condenser Microphone

The SE-X1 is a perfect vocal microphone to accompany any home studio setup. The microphone itself is very well priced in the market at under £100 and when first looking at it, you would think it is way above that price. It has a cool, retro finish that feels very robust and solid. This mic is also perfect to record acoustic guitar and ambient sounds.

So what does it sound like? Well, my first thoughts are that it is very quiet when on, which is what you would want. The clarity of vocals is very good and it brings out the articulation in the voice, making it stand out more and sound sharper. It also gives a nice warm tone to the guitar which I really like.

I think this mic is great if you are on a budget or new to home recording; especially if you are a guitarist/vocalist as this mic can offer high quality for both vocal and guitar recording.


AT2035Audio Technica AT2035

The AT2035 is a large diaphragmed cardioid microphone that has a high sensitivity and frequency range making it a good mic to record guitar and/or vocals. I like the black, simplistic design of this microphone and it feels sturdy when holding it. It also comes with a custom shockmount to provide superior isolation.

This microphone has the capabilities to reproduce stunning vocal and guitar sounds, capturing those exposed and vital low notes whilst giving you warm and inviting mid tones alongside and clear high notes. This microphone is well suited to record your latest hip-hop creation, indie rock sensation, or pop/folk ballad.

We do sell other very good mic’s such as the RODE M3 as well, so check that out as well.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Jack

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