The month has arrived where everyone is getting ready to go back to school! If you are a keen musician, especially in Drums & Percussion, I have created a list of essentials you may need when you go back this term:

Drum Sticks

drum sticks


In my opinion, you can never have too many varieties of drum sticks to use on your kit. We do a full rockets range of 7A, 5A and 5B sticks all for under £5! You can also grab some Mallets, Hotrods and Brushes to add to your collection. You can find out a little bit more on what drum sticks are right for you here.



Drum Stick Bag

drum bag


With all of those drum sticks you are going to need something to put them in! The most common bags are for just sticks or a larger bag to hold mallets. They have a clip on to attach to the floor tom and will fit snugly in your bag to keep everything tidy. Alternatively, you can wear them as a shoulder case if you fancy.



Cymbal Bag

bagAlthough they may be one of the most robust items on your kit, you cymbals are classed as breakables and are often required when you are playing someone else’s kit. They also define you sound and everyone has their own preference. Thus being said, you will need to look after them and keep them in good condition so that they last longer and keep a brighter tone. Best cases for taking them on the bus etc would be our soft cases however, for the best protection I would recommend a hard case.



drum stuffWhether you are playing the percussion in an orchestra or rocking out in the school band you will always need to have plenty of spares just in case. For anything you may have lost over the summer holidays, make sure you are stocked up on your cymbal felts, hi-hat clutches, drum heads, grip tape and drum keys. You never know when you will need them!



If you need any advice on your percussion then please feel free to contact me at or 01283 535333 and I will be happy to help.

About the author

Lizzie joined Normans after graduating from university in Popular Music with Music Technology. She has been playing the drums for most of her life and gained a great insight into both the technical and live aspects of them. As well as the drums, Lizzie loves to play guitar and will have a go at any instrument she can get her hands on!