Best Gifts for String Players

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, putting together a Christmas shopping list for the string player in your life or you may even want to simply treat yourself, I hope our list of gift inspirations will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Here you will find useful accessories as well as recommendations for instruments that will be enjoyed by your friends and loved ones.



A rosin would be a great addition to any present and can also serve as a stocking filler too. It is, without a doubt, the one accessory no string player can go without, therefore, it is certainly one to put on your list while shopping for a Christmas present. Here at Normans you will find popular rosins from our student range such as Forenza Violin or Cello rosin, or you can pick the superior brands, for example, Pirastro, who offer rosins for Violins/Violas, Cellos and Double Basses.




Keeping the instrument perfectly in tune is vital for a successful on stage performance or practice session. A chromatic tuner will be suitable for any instrument and, models like Snark QTSN1 will clip on to the instrument’s headstock and has a helpful screen that will assist you in precise tuning every time. Definitely a must have for any musician!





Instrument stands make a great present for the string player in your life as they will ensure the instrument is safe and secure between practicing or performing without having to store it away every time. Stagg Violin Stand and Stentor Cello/Double Bass Stand both make excellent choices, however, if the gift receiver has an electric double bass you may want to take a look at the Rocket Double Bass Stand.





Essential for every cellist, a floor protector will prevent your cello from slipping and will also prevent damage to the floor itself. Here at Normans you can choose from our customer favourite, Stentor Black Hole floor protector or a range of colourful Stentor models.






A metronome will help you develop your timing and rhythm and it also makes a great looking present for every musician! I would recommend the Wittner Metronomes as they have a really precise mechanism and a nice design. Alternatively, take a look at our wide range of metronomes, suitable for all budgets and, some of them are even a metronome and tuner in one!






Good set of strings can significantly improve the tone of your instrument, and it is always handy to have some spare in case one of the strings snap. Take a look at our wide range of string sets here – look out for Forenza, Astrea and Dogal for great quality student level choices or opt for Dominant and Pirastro strings to enjoy a more superior tone and response.






We have a great range of colourful electric violins that would be an excellent gift for every violin/viola player. Check out the Rocket and Stagg models in Metallic Red, Metallic Black, Metallic Blue, White and Black. These have had a huge popularity among our customers due to their great sound and durability as well as making superb practice instruments. For an electro acoustic model, I would recommend the Stentor 1515 Outfits in Black, Natural or Purple and, if you have a generous budget at your disposal, you may also want to take a look at the superior quality Yamaha SV130 Silent Violin.

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Similarly, for double bassists and cellists we have a great range of electric alternatives. Our double basses have been particularly popular and are available in colour choices of Black, Violinburst, Honeyburst and Black with Rosewood. These instruments look and sound great in any environment and have received excellent feedback. For the cellist, you may want to also check out the Stagg Electric Cello Outfit in Black.




Of course, there is no better gift for any musician as an instrument, so if you are looking to really treat somebody this year, make sure to check out our blogs below for lots of help, advice and information on our products:

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