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It is always a good idea to plan ahead and have some gift ideas for drummers! I have put together a few ideas to go together if you are looking for either a few small gift packages or the full special present. I hope this helps on your quest to find the perfect gift for a drummer whether it is birthdays or Christmas!


Accessory Ideas

If you are looking for a few small gifts then making up a drum bag is a great idea. You can add different types of drum sticks, however, I have chosen to add a drum key and ear plugs as the essentials for when you need them!


1. Tom and Will Drum Sticks Gig Bag – 3 Tone Blue

2. Rocket 7A Maple Drum Sticks – Wooden Tip

3. Rocket Drum Key

4. Fender Musician Series Black Ear Plugs


Cymbal Ideas

You may be looking to purchase some better cymbals to go on the new drum kit. Making sure you choose the right set, along with some sturdy hardware and a decent bag to keep them in! I have also included some cymbal washers as you can never have too many (and they have a tendency to go missing!).

da21. Paiste 101 Brass Universal 3 Piece Cymbal Set

2. Rocket Double Braced Light Cymbal Stand

3. Rocket Dual Padded Cymbal Bag

4. Stagg Cymbal Felt Washers


Drum Bag Ideas

Gigging may be on the horizon for a budding new drummer and making sure you have good protection is essential. The soft cases will keep off the dust and are a lot easier for transporting the drum kit. You will need a full set of drum bags, a hardware caddy and some cymbal protection as well as a bigger drum stick bag for anything else you may need to carry!


1. Stagg Deluxe 5 Piece Quality Drum Bag Set

2. Stagg Professional Drum Stick Bag

3. Stagg Professional Percussion Caddy Bag

4. Rocket Dual Padded Cymbal Bag


Acoustic Drum Kit Ideas

When you progress onto an advanced acoustic kit, you will need to kit it out with the best cymbals, drum throne and pedals to ensure you get the best quality to learn with.


1. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Drum Kit

2. Stagg DT-35 Drum Throne

3. Stagg Bass Drum Pedal

4. Stagg DXK Cymbal Set

Electric Drum Kit Ideas

You may not have the space or environment for an acoustic kit which is why electric drum kits are such a good idea! I have added an Axus Digital package with headphones, some spare sticks and an amp and connecting cables for those occasions you want to play it out loud!


1. Axus Digital AXK2 Digital Drum Kit Package

2. Rocket 7A Maple Drum Sticks – Wooden Tip

3. Stagg HD Series 40W RMS EDA40 Drum Amp

4. Stagg Stereo Phone Plug – 2 RCA Plugs Audio Cable 

If you need any advice on gift ideas then please feel free to contact me at or 01283 535333 and I will be happy to help.

About the author

Lizzie joined Normans after graduating from university in Popular Music with Music Technology. She has been playing the drums for most of her life and gained a great insight into both the technical and live aspects of them. As well as the drums, Lizzie loves to play guitar and will have a go at any instrument she can get her hands on!