Christmas is looming, you cannot escape. The wisest course of action is to accept the inevitable and embrace the festivities. With this in mind check out our buying guide below covering everything from stocking fillers to stocking rippers.




Music bags – A music carrier is a great, practical,budget friendly gift that does not let itself be limited to a single group. Available in a variety of colours there is a bag for everyone.


Music Stands – Again another useful pressie with all the afore mentioned benefits of the bag. Further more with vast variety on the market you are really able get exactly what you want. Something heavy duty that wouldn’t shift in a hurricane? Got one of those. Something small sleek and easy to carry? Can cover that too. Something cheap and cheerful that doesn’t take a piece of your soul when it gets lost in the abyss of school? There is even one for that.


Oil – While different instruments need different particulars valve oil, or a variation there upon, is always a good bet.


The Middle Ground 


Metronome – Always a useful piece of musical arsenal the metronome is also a great gift! Win – Win really.


Mutes – Although these have the potential to be pretty big, depending on the instrument, this is yet another sound choice for your brass Christmas. The only drawback with this item is narrowing down your choice. Although your straight and cup mutes are a sensible choice, usable in virtually all band situations it is highly tempting to go for the highly fun options of Plungers and Harmons.


Gig Bags – While many student Trumpets / Cornets come with a handy backpack style cases some more advanced models and other bigger instruments mostly have more traditional cases. While such cases have some serious benefits, such as being very sturdy and able to take a beating, they are big, heavy and cumbersome. Ergo a gig bag could be the perfect gift this Christmas.These cases offer a lot of protection while being considerably lighter than their ‘Traditional’ counterpart and usually have the handy of backpack style handles for easy carrying.


Instrument Stands – Instruments mean different things to different people. For some it is their other child, for others its just a bit of fun. Either way its never good to just leave it on the floor between playing. Hence an Instrument stand is another of those useful gifts you could give (or receive,) this year. Whether for display purposes or piratical while playing there is a stand for all.


The Big Guns


Ptrumpet / Pbone – A big hit last Christmas and with so many new colours added since then sure to be a great gift again! Now available in; Black; Blue; Red; Green; White and; Yellow.

Other instruments – Christmas is the perfect time for an upgrade and the perfect excuse to treat yourself, (or someone else, if you’re nice like that.) Here at Normans we have an Instrument for all level and budget, for further advice please call our Sales Team on 01283 535333, (Option 1.)

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Heidi worked for a number of years at Normans Musical Instruments, progressing from a Saturday Sales Assistant to a full time Brass Specialist within our Sales Team. Heidi has now left Normans and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.