Here at Normans we are all passionate about music and we have a great team of musicians so you can get the best advice from someone who also plays a musical instrument. In this article, you can find out more about all of us, how we started playing and the instruments we still play today! Check out our stories below and leave a comment below if you want to share with us:


Our drum specialist Lizzie’s story:

I started out playing guitar but soon became interested in playing the drums when I started University. I chose to play the drums because I enjoy creating different rhythms and encorporating them into music, however, when I have to carry the drum kit around I soon wish I still played guitar! I play the drums in a blues/rock band called Trading Floor and I have been for 4 years now. I don’t think I will ever stop playing, drums or not!

We have some videos etc coming out soon so I will link you when they are up. We have a song on soundcloud which you can check out here:


Our guitar specialist Jack’s story:

Coming from a musical family, music has always been a part of my life. I started off playing the clarinet when I was 7 years old, but this was short lived as someone stole my clarinet (unbelievable I know!). I then moved onto playing the keyboard for a couple of years, but I never really got on with that, so my mum bought me a guitar for my 11th Birthday. I have played in a few bands but don’t play as much I should anymore, although I still hold the guitar very close to my heart, as without it I wouldn’t be where I am today.




Our product specialist Jonty’s story:

My story differs from most of the sales team as my family doesn’t have a musical bone in their body, so I was the oddball. I started out singing in choirs, making new friends and I soon learned that I wanted to do something else like them. My first instrument was a keyboard at home, playing by ear I really enjoyed making music. Then the opportunity came at school to play brass instruments, so I was chosen to play the cornet. This was brilliant as I started playing in bands and went to do my grade 3. My friend, who was also a cornet player decided to move from Cornet to Euphonium, so I wanted to get in on this action and change instruments. I asked for something bigger to play. My teacher took the opportunity to his advantage and gave me a Tuba. Worried about the size of the tuba, I thought this wouldn’t be a match but randomly I loved it! Not long into playing the tuba I soon went on to do further grades. While I was playing the Tuba I also had some lessons on the piano and this went on to playing in a local group performing cover songs on the piano and singing.

Now I still play the piano and dabble on brass. Having two children takes up most of my evening, but here’s me waiting for little musicians to come so Daddy can tag along to band practice 🙂



Our woodwind specialist Isabelle’s story:

I come from a somewhat musical background, with my Dad having a great interest in music (both playing and listening), and my Mum always having the desire to learn to play an instrument. So at the age of 8 I began my musical journey by learning to play the Clarinet, and a few years later when I moved on to High School I started playing the Alto Saxophone as well. I was lucky enough to be a part of a brilliant music service during my school years, so as well as accomplishing my ABRSM exams, I also had many opportunities to play in orchestras and ensembles including some memorable concert tours to places including Barcelona and Strasbourg.

After finishing Sixth Form college the natural progression for myself was to go to university to study further, and I spent the next three years at the Univerity of Huddersfield studying music performance, graduating in the summer of 2015. I had a fantastic time during my degree and made many friends along the way, some of which I formed a successful function band with.

Music has always been a huge passion for me, and I can see it staying that way for many years to come!



Our brass specialist Heidi’s story:

At the tender age of something very little I had my heart set on playing the Violin. However, this died a very abrupt death when faced with the reality of coming from a family of Brass players: ‘We have a spare Cornet, you’re playing that.’

After much feet dragging – and bitterness at the loss of my dream of being an incredibly dramatic Violinist – Brass turned out to be pretty good. These days I play lead in Burton Concert Band as well as playing in a few smaller ensembles, although no longer on the Cornet! Now I mostly play the Trumpet instead.



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About the author

Diana was Normans Piano & Strings specialist for a number of years. She is a singer songwriter, plays piano and speaks 3 languages. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling as well as blogging about anything.