The TooT, DooD and jSax by Nuvo Plastic Woodwinds grew in popularity enormously, particularly with a number of our educational customers. Why are these brightly coloured plastic woodwinds different to the classics such as recorders and fifes?


The Nuvo TooT is very similar to a fife, and therefore makes a great choice for students hoping to eventually progress to playing the flute. As well as a traditional “flute-style” lip plate, the TooT is also supplied with a FirstNote lip plate. This helps with sound production in the early stages of playing, whilst the student is learning correct posture and fingering. Available in a range of bright, fun colours. The TooT comes with its own durable carry case, fingering chart and the two interchangeable lip plates. It is also waterproof, being made from plastic and silicone. This means it can be washed in warm water to keep clean, making it a great choice for younger players or a classroom environment!


The Nuvo DooD has many of the same traits as a recorder, but with the addition of a reed. The single reed used with the DooD makes this instrument a natural progression to playing the clarinet. It helps the student build up their basic skills including sound production, posture and basic fingerings. The DooD is supplied with a carry case, a fingering chart, and 2 plastic reeds. You can also use Eb clarinet cane reeds for a more traditional feel when playing. Made out of plastic and silicone, the DooD is very lightweight, and also waterproof, meaning it can be washed to keep it clean; great for young musicians!


The jSax, has been designed for players who are more specifically interested in progressing onto the saxophone. Again, like the DooD, the jSax is a single reed instrument helping to build a players sound production, posture and basic fingerings. The jSax is supplied with a carry case, a fingering chart, and 2 plastic reeds. You can also use cane reeds for a more traditional playing feel. Some soprano saxophone mouthpiece will also fit the jSax, which allows a stepped progression towards saxophone playing.


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About the author

A graduate from the University of Huddersfield Music Department, Isabelle has played both Clarinet and Saxophone for over 13 years, in many ensembles both in the Staffordshire area and at university, and currently performs in a function band. With her experience of woodwind and performance, this is obviously what she loves to write about.