Getting the right software for your music department or instrumental staff can be daunting but we are pleased to be able to offer easy and manageable solutions. We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering Studio One and Notation 6 Education software packages – essential for any music student.

Not only do we sell both individual software programmes, we’re also offering a package for both programmes. If your needs aren’t too extensive, there’s the 10-25 seat option. However, if you’re looking to provide the software for a multitude of students, the unlimited seat version will be the one for you.

More about the licences

Our new music software licence includes a digital audio workstation for electronic music and recording, and a notation and performance application. Chose a 10-25 licence version or an unlimited licence version – it’s entirely up to you. The unlimited licence means that you don’t need to worry about exactly how many seats you’ll need or what happens when you add more computers. You don’t even need to limit the software to the music department – get it installed on every computer in the entire school if you want to!


Both Studio One and Notion 6 can be used on Mac or Windows, so it’s easily accessible whatever department you work in. Unlike other bundles, both applications are built with lean and modern code, meaning great reliability and performance.

Studio One 3

If you’re looking for something that is user friendly, this is where Studio One 3 excels as it has a single window interface, supports drag and drop action all with deep integration with hardware and the Notion Notation software. Not only this but you can download the Studio One Remote app, for hassle free recording in the school studio.

Notion 6

Notion 6 however, is easy to use with great sounds out of the box, seamless workflow with Notion on iPad and iPhone, and even handwriting recognition!

The software is purchased outright so there’s no complicated subscriptions to manage, and the actual licensing is all done within the software itself, meaning no dongles are required – yay!

Different Licences available:


Find out more about our Notion 6 and Studio One 3 by viewing the videos below:




Thank you for reading and if you have any questions regarding the software and the packages that we offer, please contact us and one of the sales team will happily help you out.


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