Ever thought of updating your school hall lighting but always been put off by trying to understand the technical blurb or maybe the perceived price? Well, Autumn brings us a new professional line of  Stagg all-LED Theatre Stage Lighting which should make it easier and cheaper than ever. Here we outline the basics, answer some FAQ’s and speak to Stagg Pro Lighting expert Jeff davenport to get his thoughts.

Brighten Up Your School with LED Stage Lighting  

Make a statement in your school with affordable bright clean lights. Perfect for a school play, concert or assembly, but using LED’s rather than expensive old bulbs, just a few will light up your performance areas. No need for ladders either to change old gels (colour filters) – Stagg Stage Lighting can change colours remotely using a simple to use controller.

Jeff says: “Its never been easier to take your old lights down, recycle them and put new more efficient units up.” Explaining the benefits of the new LED theatre technology he goes on to say: “ Its amazing how they can be on all day for rehearsals, practice, performance or just as work light, so the power and bulb usage racks up quite quickly. These new units use just a 1/5th of the power but with the same light output and no hot bulbs and working at height issues for pupils.”



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of units do I need to buy?

The lights are either a Wash light or a Spot light . The Wash lights spread light over a large surface, the Spot lights can focus in. We have pre-configured packs for you to choose from too. They mirror exactly the kind of lights you’re bringing down, so the swap becomes easy.

Will the light output look the same as my current lights?

Yes is the answer (if not better!) – we have 3 options including a warm white light version  which will add that warm fireside glow to your evening events. Need a modern bright twist and the cold white version is the choice. For maximum versatility our colour units offer 1000’s of colour options from the deepest blue and purple right through to yellows and soft pinks. Set the scene and enjoy the atmosphere.

What’s the best option for my school?

Choose from one of our 3 packs to make it super easy to get your new improved lighting up an running.

Assembly Pack – A simple 3 light set-up using the WASH200 to brighten up your stage area.

Choir Pack  – A total of 6 WASH200 provide the perfect set-up for your school choir.

Orchestra Pack  – Using 9 x WASH200  and a SPOT200 you’ll have the entire orchestra performance covered!

You can always start with the Assembly Pack to see how you get on, then augment to the other packs at a later date.

What about something more dynamic and colourful for school concerts?

The ‘Orchestra Pack’ will start the ball rolling, just add in some RGBW (colour) units into the mix.

How do I make the event look professional?

Colour and correct placement of lights on a stage can add 3 dimensions to the scene. Performers at the front of the Stage and colours behind add definition and contrast to a performance. When the audience come in you can just have the colours on the stage – this is called the pre-set. As the performers arrive you can cross-fade to white lights highlighting faces and we have the scene. You may return to the pre-set during an interval. Extra atmosphere can be added by back, side or more frontlight – sculpting the performers and bringing them to life.

What about image breakups and GOBO’s?

The Stagg Stage Lights come in Wash and Profile models – choosing the profile model allows you to project a school logo or scene effect onto a surface from a great distance. The Profile models have an internal slot for you to place the steel discs called GOBO’s. The Fixed Lens Profile  is happy to project images up to 30m against daylight coming through a window. The Zoom Profile gives more control over shorter distances. Layering them with a leaf effect can give the feeling of a forest! A window effect can place the audience inside a room! There are many such effects for all occasions include discos and parties and corporate events where the company logo is needed.






So how do I complete the swap?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3……

1.Choose and order the most suitable pack or individual light for your needs.

2. Unplug and take down your old tungsten lights.

3. Hang your new lights onto your existing fittings, plug in and switch on. You’re ready to go!

These new Stagg units can be handled by existing staff members – all you need is power, and a control cable to change the intensity and colours. Its possible they could run off your existing lighting desk too but let us advise you for the best solution – quick, easy and non-invasive is our aim.

How will all this help my school and event space?

Jeff says in summary: “Some schools offer their spaces to corporate functions, gigs, amateur dramatics, sports events and exhibitions – all of these events require a safe versatile lighting rig that can adapt to each requirement, and these Stagg lights make it possible. Also, the LED lights run so much cooler than bulb versions, so there’s an added comfort level here in that your customers won’t get too hot. You can save money on air-conditioning too! ”

Want to Find Out More or Book a Site Visit?

Normans offers, in conjunction with Stagg, a free consultation service for all your lighting needs, contact us for more information or to book a site visit. We can prepare a bespoke quotation to suit your specific needs including installation instructions to make things as simple as possible.

About the author

After gaining a degree in Music from the University of Derby in 2014, Dan has worked in Music Education in both the UK and Netherlands. A guitarist by trade, Dan continues to perform with his band and other various musicians around the West Midlands.