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With Jazz making a triumphant return in the world of guitar players, and the rise of loop pedals and improvisation at an all time high, it’s no wonder that more and more guitar players are ditching their current guitars and going in search of the ultimate guitars for playing Jazz. With an extensive range of well-rounded Jazz guitars at Normans, here’s a guide for you to discover the best one for you.

It’s often hard to get a well-rounded electric guitar and even harder to get the perfect electric guitar for Jazz music. Let’s take a look at our top 5 all-round electric guitars for jazz players and lovers of the genre:

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster – Butterscotch

Jazz Guitar - Squier by FenderFirst in our list, and at an incredibly reasonable price at that, is the Telecaster from the Squier by Fender Affinity range. This is a firm favourite of guitarists the world over. Telecasters are renowned for their warm tones, crisp high-ends and versatility when it comes to playing across all genres, with the single coil pickup offering versatility where other guitars may struggle. In the neck position, the pickup selector allows the player to focus on the high-end of Jazz, emitting jangly sounds; perfect for suspended chords and in the run-up to a solo. When switched to the bridge position, chords sound beautifully dampened (without losing their shine), resulting in a jump from lead to rhythm in the flick of a selector; making this guitar favourite for Jazz and fusion guitarists. Other features include an alder body, maple neck and 21 fret maple fingerboard.


Stagg A300-WH Standard Jazz Electric Guitar – White

Jazz Guitar - Stagg A300-WH

Look at this beauty! A retro guitar inspired by the jazz guitarists of old, A300-WH looks exactly like a classic Jazz guitar and sounds like one too. The two beefy humbuckers don’t pull any punches when it comes to delivering a complete tone. However if you were to dial the tone back and switch to the neck position, rest assured that the high-end will ring through too. Completed with timeless f-holes, 20 frets on a hard maple neck, and a 3-way pickup selector for ultimate control, this semi-acoustic jazz guitar from Stagg should be right on your list (as it is ours)!



Stagg SES50M S Series Vintage Electric Guitar –Blue

Jazz Guitar - Stagg SES50M S Series

Looking for a Stratocaster, without the hefty price tag? Stagg have yet again got you covered. A diverse guitar favoured by guitarist of all genres. The shape and sound is synonymous with Hendrix, Clapton and the list of greats associated with this shape. This is often an electric guitar sought out by fans of rock and blues, not Jazz… Often overlooked as a Jazz guitar, you can certainly get versatile tones from the SES50M. With a five-way pickup selector and 3 single coil pickups, the possibilities and tonal range of the S Series are unlimited. When it comes to getting those crisp Jazz tones, we recommend dialing the tone back slightly. Stick the pickup in the bridge and experiment with suspended chords. The guitar also comes with a classic tremolo and a maple neck/fingerboard combo. Perfect for those fresh Jazz vibes!


Yamaha Pacifica 112VM Electric Guitar – Natural

Jazz Guitar - Yamaha Pacifica 112VM

This is ideal for beginners or players new to Jazz who want a well-priced, all-rounder; great for honing their Jazz chord and scales. The Yamaha Pacifica range is no stranger to praise. The mix of two single coils and a bridge humbucker produce a beautiful mid-range blend.  This allows you to combine (and completely control) high-end tones and low-end sounds. The thin maple neck also makes this guitar great for learning those tricky Jazz chords and who can deny that unique natural finish?



Stagg L400-BK L series Custom Electric Guitar – Black

Jazz Guitar - Stagg L400-BK L series

When guitar players see this shape, they usually think of one thing… Rock guitar. Or, specifically, Slash! Well we’re here to challenge your perceptions on what a well-rounded jazz guitar is. Not surprisingly the L400-BK L have crafted a truly well-rounded guitar in a homage to the classic Les Paul shape. The 2 humbuckers certainly do provide a depth to the low-ends however, high-ends do still ring through. This is certainly evident when running through a jazz chord progression. With a 3-way selector and a solid alder body this guitar is built to last. It is a great guitar to end this list as it certainly isn’t one most guitarists would expect to see in a Jazz guitar guide.


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