Many people threaten to learn the ukulele as it is an easy to learn and fun to play instrument, but often people don’t get around to doing it. So, if it’s for a musician wanting another instrument, or someone getting into music for the first time, a ukulele can be a great and fairly inexpensive gift.

The Mahalo 2027/TS boasts a shape and finish that is reminiscent of a classic Leo Fender design for a more modern looking ukulele, or you can go for the more traditional appearance of the Makala 133494.

If you fancy more colour, view the range of brightly coloured Ukuleles here!

Keyboard Accessory Pack

Keyboards and digital pianos are a very popular Christmas gift, so if you know someone receiving a keyboard this Christmas, or someone who has a keyboard but not all the gear to go with it then this is a great option.

It’s easy to forget a stand and stool when buying a keyboard so this would be a perfect addition. The headphones will be helpful for making sure practice time can be kept to a reasonable volume, or if the person playing is a bit self-conscious about their playing, which is quite common!

keyboard pack

Childrens Percussion Kit

If buying for children, especially if it’s a gift for multiple children, this is an option that will keep their attention for a while as it allows them to make a lot of noise and have a wide selection of percussion instruments to try. A fun introduction to music, but very noisy!

You might like to try the Stagg Childrens Percussion Kit which has 9 varieties of percussion instruments. There’s also the possibility of creating unusual sounds with this Metal Percussion Kit!

kids with percussion instruments

Stagg Blaxx range

For any musician who uses an amp, be it a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist or electric violin player, effects pedals can be incredibly fun. Stagg Blaxx have a wide range of options and a low price tag compared to some options out there!

Please note that these pedals require a 9V power adaptor.



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After gaining a degree in Music from the University of Derby in 2014, Dan has worked in Music Education in both the UK and Netherlands. A guitarist by trade, Dan continues to perform with his band and other various musicians around the West Midlands.