That’s right people. It’s December. That means my life consists of three simple things…

  1. Playing copious amounts of Christmas Music
  2. Work, work, work.. shocking that, you know, as someone who works in a shop
  3.  Watching Christmas Movies. Every. Single. Day.

Happily this blog is able to combine all three: Reviewing Christmas Music from Christmas Movies while at Work. What’s not to love?

So, without further ado here we go. For a reminder of proceedings have a quick refresher with Part One.



deck the hallsChristmas Movie 6

Andys Choice: Deck the Halls

“Most definitely not a classic…our kids love it so we’ve watched it more times than I care to remember, (twice already this year!)…there’s something about the battle to have the most lights that appeals to my (slightly!) competitive nature.”



Music Credit: George S Clinton

Instrumentation: Bit of everything for everyone

Crashed Christmas in 2007


7/10 There is a song called ‘Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer’. I think that says it all.

8/10 The music really adds a lot to this film. With the right carol backing the on screen visuals the frankly terrifying scene below, in which our main character is dangerously dragged though town by wild horses, takes on a real comic theme with the jaunty Sleigh Ride-esque music. On top of this they have Kristin Chenoweth do a little on the old vocal chords. As in the KRISTIN CHENOWETH. Aka Glinda. Her characterization is something else.  #MusicalTheater #Wicked If I’m going for complete honesty every point here is for Kristin.

0/10 This film might be as festive as Santas Socks but the frighteningly blasé attitude to massive debt terrifies me! How did he even pay for those lights? What about the burnt down house? As if insurance would pay for that. #SorryNotSorry

Total Christmas Cheer Score: 15/30



love actuallyChristmas Movie 7

Kerrys Choice: Love Actually (again)

“I’ll admit my favorite is Love Actually. Love the music, the characters – so many cute scenes…Will try and get the girls to watch it over Christmas although they’ll probably cover their faces at the ‘embarrassing’ romantic bits..!”



Music CreditCraig Armstrong… Girls Aloud… Bill Nighy… all those folks

Instrumentation: Pop-ee

Crashed Christmas in 2003


5/10 – Done this already on Part One

8/10 – You should read Part One

6/10 – Seriously, Part One  has some good stuff on this

Total Christmas Cheer Score: 19/30



the wizard of ozChristmas Movie 8

Gareths Choice: The Wizard of Oz.

Is this really a Christmas Movie?…Wait its Gareths choice?… I’ll have you know this is my favorite Christmas Movie. 



Music Credit: Herbert Stothart

Instrumentation: Orchestral (mostly the Orchestra of Victor Young)

Crashed Christmas in 1939


9/10 The large orchestral score and powerful vocals throughout bring to mind old-school Hollywood glamour. There is not a piece in this soundtrack that I wouldn’t love to play.

9/10 This is a visual treat and – as a musical – the soundtrack is an integral part of the all over charm of this film. The whole psychological abuse and starvation of the young Judy Garland kinda takes away the sparkle…

2/10 Musicals, such as The Wizard of Ahhhs and Wicked, leave me with some conflicted feelings over the plot of Oz. All in all, I feel the take away message is the same old: Be Good, Brave and True and life will just kinda work out. Not terrible but not especially festive.

Total Christmas Cheer Score: 20/30



the sound of musicChristmas Movie 9

Sues Choice: The Sound of Music

ME: This isn’t a Christmas Film

S: Yes it is

ME: What, no, how?

S: There’s a bit with snow in it

ME: (internally) Riiiight

Music Credit: Richard Rodgers – Oscar Hammerstein II – Irwin Kostal

Instrumentation: Orchestral – with as nice Choir of seven Von Trapps

Crashed Christmas in 1965


9/10 We loose one point for 16 going on 17. Just no. I’m putting that one down to a sign of the times and will do my best to purge it from my memory.

8/10 Now we are loosing two points for 16 going on 17. I threw up a little in my mouth. i feel like I need a millennial version without this monstrosity, then we’d be looking at a easy 10. I’ve linked it below so you can be disgusted too. BOY 👏YOU👏ARE👏SIX👏TEEN👏  Hush up already 🙄

4/10 A nice, musical family escape the Nazi regimen with the help of God and a Nunnery. Lovely. Not. Festive. I appreciate it is on telly a fair bit over December. So is Eastenders. And the News. They are also not Christmas Movies.

Total Christmas Cheer Score: 21/30



home aloneChristmas Movie 10

Hazels Choice: Home Alone

”Just the first one…hmmm maybe the second one..meh, they’re not that bad.”  A ringing endorsement I’m sure you’ll agree.




Music Credit: John Williams

Instrumentation: Bells, because it is a Christmas film and they are compulsory. Apparently.

Crashed Christmas in 1990


8/10 You can tell it’s John Williams behind the Score! The Main Title has a fair few motifs that bring the Harry Potter Great Hall forcibly to mind. Please tell me you hear it too? Anyway, I love Harry Potter – and Christmas Carols – so this is champion listening for me.

7/10 I love the Juxtaposition this music present us. Tragic moments are made funny and scary ones victorious. It’s good music. That’s what you get when you have John Williams on board.

6/10 Family is what Christmas is all about and – of course – revenge. This movie bring them beautifully together.

Total Christmas Cheer Score: 21/30



the grinchChristmas Movie 11

Rachels Choice: The Grinch – AGAIN…anyone would think I didn’t send round an email with the previous film choices on.

I didn’t even get a reason why on this one, that is how committed Rachel is to keeping the accounts in tip-top condition. She had a brief window of time in her day to shout a film title to me, then went right back to the grindstone. 


Music Credit: Heavily James Horner

Instrumentation: Orchestral, BELLS and a few Whos for good measure

Crashed Christmas in 2000


4/10 – There a nice little write up on this in Part One

8/10 – Part One has all the deets

9/10 – Do give Part One a look over if you haven’t already

Total Christmas Cheer Score: 21/30



the muppetsChristmas Movie 11

Lizs Choice: A Christmas Carol

But which one I hear you cry! I have the same question, but no answers. So I’ve decided she must have meant the Muppets Christmas Carol. That’s the classic choice, right?



Music Credit: Miles Goodman

Instrumentation: Orchestral, beginning with a lovely Brass Band and bloody bells. I think I hate bells now.

Crashed Christmas in 1992 😲 This is a LOT older than I though…


10/10 I’m not sure there is anything funnier than a dramatic Vocal lines, accompanied by a beautifully written orchestral part full of French Horns and counter melodies, sung by a Muppet. . . Oh my 😆

2/10 While hilarious to listen to the novelty of the Muppets quickly wares thin. A pretty good film quickly becomes a pretty annoying one. While it may be true that, ”There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor,” both laughter and humor had be worn thin by the end of this monstrosity. I’m not sure this film can be enjoyed without some very excited toddlers. No amount of Miss Piggy sass or singing can save it. Bah Humbug says I!

10/10 Its a Christmas Carol: God bless us, every one: Tiny Tim: Christmas Ghosts! It teaches generosity and loving and the importance of a big ole’ Turkey. That’s Christmas right there.

Total Christmas Cheer Score: 22/30



The winner is… The Muppets?

How did that happen… I’ve scored this! I am rejecting this result.

The new winner is Deck the Halls. I don’t care what the numbers say. If it’s good enough for my beloved Kirstin it’s good enough for me: And you.

My blog, my rules.

Bah Humbug!

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Heidi has been working for a number of years at Normans progressing from the Saturday Sales Assistant to a Brass Specialist. A grade 8 player she loves to play all genres of music spanning Classical to Jazz. With over ten years of playing both the Trumpet and Cornet this is, of course, what she loves to write blogs about.