3rd Avenue Ukulele

Buying a ukulele can be a daunting task, so many colours, brands and sizes! We are here to help, a must have is the latest ukulele from 3rd Avenue. We are hear to tell you why! The latest Ukulele to the range, the 3rd Avenue STX40, coming in dashing Purple or sleek Black. First impressions of the Uke were great, clean finish and eye catching.

How’s the tuning?

The geared machine heads made sure the Ukulele was easy to tune, after returning a couple of times (the strings do take a little time to stretch) they held their tune with no bother.

The strum?

Giving the Uke a strum, the action on these is great. Not too high from the fretboard so new beginners won’t be put off by struggling to press down. The strings are of good quality for the price and are bright as you’d want from a Ukulele.

buying a ukulele

Added extras?

The 3rd Avenue range comes with its own carry case, ideal for storage in a classroom, at home or carrying to and from lessons/workshops.

Why 3rd Avenue?

The STX40 is definitely a competitor for other brands of Ukulele in the student market. Although the price tag is £14.99 you can’t deny that they all hold the same characteristics. Ideal as gift or a starter instrument, the 3rd Avenue Ukuleles offer a great instrument without splashing out.

It does everything you need when beginning to play and enter the musical world of the ukulele. A great low cost instrument that’s fun, versatile and most definitely portable! Pop it in its carry case and take it anywhere. Yep, anywhere. Anywhere you like.

Possibilities are endless.

Entering the ukulele world could not be any easier than this 3rd Avenue low cost option. The perfect option when buying a ukulele.


About the author

After gaining a degree in Music from the University of Derby in 2014, Dan has worked in Music Education in both the UK and Netherlands. A guitarist by trade, Dan continues to perform with his band and other various musicians around the West Midlands.