It’s 2018. A New Year and a chance to try something new!

Because you can sleep when you’re dead, the powers that be here at Normans had the brain wave giving our already musically gifted team a musical challenge. A brand new instrument of which they have no knowledge of playing. For added motivation the threat of taking Grade 3 on said instrument is looming on the Horizon.


Now, lets get onto who’s doing what…


Team Member 1 – The Complete Novice. 

Name: Shona

Role: Website and Marketing

Current Instrument: Complete Beginner

Chosen Instrument: Flute

Why have you chosen this instrument? The flute has always caught my attention with the elegant and flowing sounds.

What are you looking forward to? To having some musical experience! Getting a sound out of the flute and learning with Your Space Music Lessons. If you have purchased an instrument from our website between 1st December 2017 and 28th February 2018 you’re entitled to 2 x FREE lessons and can sign up here. Join me and don’t miss out!


Team Member 2 – He loves the keys!

More than he loves his mother? Maybe

Name: Mini J

Role: Sales Advisor

Current Instrument: Piano

Chosen Instrument: Cello

Why have you chosen this instrument? I have always wanted to learn the cello, but never got round to it I suppose. Now is as good a time as any, especially for a new years challenge!

What are you looking forward to? Hearing what the parents have to say when I’m practicing a string instrument at 10pm! Happy New Year!!


Team Member 3 – Brass Enthusiast.

Seriously, en-thu-si-ast. Get another hobby!

Name: Heidi

Role: Education and Sales Advisor

Current Instrument: Trumpet

Chosen Instrument: Guitar

Why have you chosen this instrument? My colleagues keep telling me how easy it is to play: They’d better be right! I’m banking on the fact that, as there are so many of them that can play the guitar, at least one should turn into an okay teacher.

What are you looking forward to? Completing my transition into an annoying acoustic-toating hipster millennial.


Team Member 4 – The Office Joker…

According to him.

Name: Dan

Role: Sales Advisor

Current Instrument: Guitar

Chosen Instrument: Cornet

Why have you chosen this instrument? I chose it? I wish. But it is the smallest in size out of the options, so surely I can cause the least damage with it right?

What are you looking forward to? Upsetting the neighbors, startling the cat and not having to tell a fib at the Brass Band Championships about what I play.


Team Member 5 – Can he play that Sax?

Not at the moment, that’s for sure.

Name: Rory

Role: Sales Advisor

Current Instrument: Guitar

Chosen Instrument: Saxophone

Why have you chosen this instrument? The short answer is John Coltrane, one of my favourite Jazz musicians and composers, so if I can even manage to muddle through a couple of Coltrane licks on the sax at some point I’ll be happy! But generally, I think it’ll be really interesting to play a woodwind instrument as it’s something I’ve never tried before.

What are you looking forward to? – Saying “No” whenever someone asks me to play Baker Street.


Team Member 6 – The Guitar Guru.

He’s the boss. There are no witty comments to add here.

Name: Jack

Role: Sales & Marketing Manager

Current Instrument: Guitar

Chosen Instrument: Violin

Why have you chosen this instrument? This is an instrument that has always interested me. I love the emotive sound that the violin (and all strings) produce which is why I have decided to learn the Violin.

What are you looking forward to? I am looking forward to getting to grips with a new instrument and a new sound that will expand my musical repertoire.


The idea behind this – beside fun in the guise of work – is that we can learn alongside you. So if you’re thinking of beginning you musical journey you know you’re not alone!

Feel free to comment with questions, contact our sales team ( 535333) and read more of our blogs. Find a way of learning that works for you!

Keep checking our blog area to see how we are getting on throughout the year – if you’d like any advice on an instrument you’ve received, bought or are thinking of purchasing then contact us on 01283 535333 and we will be more than happy to help you and answer any queries you may have.

You might like to read our blog on how to get started. 

Happy New Year!

About the author

Shona joined the Web Team in September 2017 after graduating from university in Sport Science and Management. She is enjoying being part of the team and learning more about the world of Normans and Music. Shona played the clarinet at school but you're more likely find her belting out a Little Mix track these days; doing her very own Carpool Karaoke.