So as an Adult, it may seem illogical to pick one of the smaller instruments of the folk/guitar world to get started on. However, the Ukulele isn’t just a Guitar that has shrunk in the wash, it is a musical legend in its own right. Whether it was George Formby back in the 40s, Noah and the Whale in 2008 you can always find place for them. We show you the top ukuleles for adult beginners!

adult ukulele

Here are some picks from our extensive range, to give you a guide when paying your money and taking your choice.

3rd Avenue Soprano Ukulele

The 3rd Avenue range is ideal at someone taking a punt at a new instrument. At a great value price tag, it takes away the risk of buying an expensive instrument and then having it sat at the back of the wardrobe collecting dust. They come in dashing Purple or sleek Black, or, to stay traditional, Natural. They are lightweight and accompanied with a carry case. Perfect for taking round with you, even on holiday. It is an ideal instrument to get going on and see if you’ve got what it takes to play “Leaning on the Lampost”



Stagg Soprano Ukulele

Next in line, Stagg offer a few great choices. A step up in price for most models, Stagg offer a range of models. From the eye catching Soprano Tattoo and Flower models, which are great value. Up to higher priced electro-acoustic models.



Mahalo Rainbow series

Not dissimilar in quality to many beginner Soprano Ukuleles, the Mahalo rainbow series is perfect if you want to stand out. Offering a massive range of colours, from subtle to outlandish! Great for someone who wants to have a great looking Ukulele while starting out.



Rocket Soprano Ukulele

Rocket have been a mainstay for many beginners of the Ukulele. Offering great value and quality, and being available within a starter pack. These Ukuleles are very popular and will prove great to start on. Available in Natural, Blue, Black, Red and Purple, there is a model for anyone’s style!



Check out my Top Tunes for the beginner Ukulele Player. Trust me, you’ll only need 3 or 4 chords for most!

About the author

After gaining a degree in Music from the University of Derby in 2014, Dan has worked in Music Education in both the UK and Netherlands. A guitarist by trade, Dan continues to perform with his band and other various musicians around the West Midlands.